Days of Our Lives Spoilers: John Panics As Marlena Gets Another Procedure

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Dr.Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) gets another procedure. However, this one isn’t performed by Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay). Instead, it is to take out the brain chip that made her more susceptible to Stefano DiMera (Stephen Nichols). Meanwhile, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) is a nervous wreck. Will “Doc” be okay, will there be any side effects, will “Jarlena” get back what they had?

Dr. Marlena Evans’ New Procedure

DOOL spoilers reveal that once again, Marlena will have a procedure done. However, it’s not being performed by Stefano’s mad scientist. Plus, instead of having a brain chip inserted into her neck, it’s being removed. That means the real Marlena will be back completely whole.

DOOL Spoilers: John Black Panics

However, this doesn’t stop her loved ones from worrying. After all, Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) surgery will encounter dangerous complications, so there is always a chance Marlena’s could, as well.

The person who frets the most about Marlena’s surgery, though, is John. He spent so much time searching for her, trying to reach her using their powerful connection, and got there just in time before Stefano’s marriage was consummated.

Stopping Stefan DiMera

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that something has to be done about Stefano or he will just try to take his “Queen of the Night” again. The only way to stop the madness is to get Steve back. Of course, Stefano will try to thwart the efforts to reverse his “transformation.” However, it really can’t be stopped, which has the villain promising to find a way to come back and rise again. Next, Kayla will make a bold move to get Steve back.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Future of ‘Jarlena’

In the spring preview clip, John and Marlena are seen cuddling on the couch together. They appear to be in their townhouse and they look both relieved and happy. It’s safe to say that “Jarlena” will get their lives back. Let’s hope that they never have to go through something like this ever again.

What do you think will happen after Marlena’s surgery? How can Kayla be sure that she gets Steve back and what are they going to do with Dr. Rolf? Do you think John and Marlena will be able to get through this experience without it negatively affecting their relationship? To find out what happens next, fans will just have to keep watching the NBC soap opera.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of Our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

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