’90 Day Fiance – The Other Way’ : Brittany Should Reveal The Truth About Her Divorce – Yazan Deserves Respect

TLC '90 Day Fiance: Brittany BanksTLC ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ spoilers document that Yazan Abu Hurira deserves to be respected, no matter what the outcome of his relationship with Brittany Banks. While it seems unlikely that this paring will remain a couple upon Brittany’s return from the United States, it’s still possible for honesty to exist.

When last viewers saw them Brittany was flying to Chicago, Illinois, under the stated pretense of being with her sister, who was having a baby. Yazan’s instincts told him that Brittany’s story was a cover, which left him feeling used.

TLC 90 Day Fiance  – Fine To Take Care Of Personal Business

Okay, Brittany wants to finalize her divorce. If she’s genuinely doing that so she can return to Jordan and further their relationship, then that’s okay.

It’s fine for Brittany to handle her unresolved personal business in the United States. It’s also fair to ask if she’s doing so with no intention of ever seriously considering marrying Yazan?

Yazan probably and if so, understandably, reacted with emotion if Brittany told him why she was really flying home. That likely would have led to him sharing that news with his family. The anticipated reactions were the main reasons why Brittany only mentioned her sister’s baby.

Yazan Abu Hurria Is Impacted By Brittany

Just as Yazan’s feelings are mixed about why Brittany left Jordan, he’s also balancing a variety of thoughts about the woman he thinks he loves. Does he really care for Brittany to that extent, or is he simply overwhelmed by her electric, in-person persona?

Brittany’s charisma is obvious. This gift allows her to have a variety of options that are open to her in life. But with her charm comes responsibility. She knows that Yazan is deeply affected by her and with that she must be careful.

Viewers know that Brittany is certainly fond of Yazan. It’s also fair to point out that she faced many pressures in Jordan that she hadn’t experienced before. So no one, including Yazan, should expect her to handle her own decisions as they might. But that leeway doesn’t override that fact that the full truth must be shared upon her return.

90 Day Fiance – Break Allows Mutual Reflection Time

Brittany is affected when she is in Yazan’s presence as well. He does seem like someone who she might enter into a truly serious relationship with, if a deeper connection can be developed.

Yazan has the time to review what happened when Brittany was with him. He’ll be able to more clearly measure how he feels without her physically present in his day to day life. Yazan will also be able to prepare for Brittany’s return, which will spark further drama for both people.

The tension that exists between this duo is the result of actual feelings, potentially at different levels, and the ongoing process where Yazan and Brittany are getting to know each other.

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