6 Times The Royal Family Lost Their Cool In Public

British royal family news reveals that the UK royals are only human after all, behind the titles and the centuries of tradition. They get annoyed just like the rest of us, but when it happens in public it makes the news.  Here are six time the royal family members  have had a fit of pique in public.

#1 Kate Middleton Lost It At Her Sister’s Wedding

Kate Middleton was at her sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding in 2017 where things were going along fine until her oldest child Prince George began to act up—nothing major, just kid stuff.

The spunky boy was playing behind his aunt’s wedding dress and shaking out his flower basket leading Kate to give him a hasty talking to. George’s feelings were hurt by the scolding and he shed some tears but it didn’t take long for him to be smiling again.

#2 Prince Harry Got Heated In Morocco – Royal Family News

Harry was with his wife Meghan Markle in Morocco in February 2019. There Harry was pictured speaking heatedly to a cameraman and telling him to step away after he saw him accidentally bump a child with his equipment.

#3 Autumn Phillips Was Appalled When Her Daughter Pushed Prince George

Little Savannah Phillips was scolded by her distressed mom Autumn Phillips during a family day out at a polo match in June 2018. The adorable and playful girl, who was just seven, kiddingly pushed her cousin Prince George (the future king of England) down a hill. Poor George was said to be stunned and teary.

#4 The Queen Had A Word With Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge said Her Majesty told him off after he and Peter Phillips chased Zara around on a go-cart, and managed to push her into a lamppost that nearly toppled down on her.

#5 Prince Philip Swore At Photographers

The almost 100-year old Prince Philip once lost his cool waiting for a photo op to end. The Queen’s husband repeatedly said, “Just take it,” prompting his family, including Prince William, to stifle their laughter when he finally swore at the group of cameramen saying, “Just take the [expletive] picture!”

#6 Queen Elizabeth Told Off William For A Second Time

In 2016 the Queen once again told off Prince William during her birthday celebration, Trooping the Colour. It came after William bent down to have a chat with little Prince George on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. But Her Majesty was not impressed. Clearly aware of the fact that thousands of eyes were on them, she appeared to tell her grandson to stand up, and William did just that, in a flash!

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