General Hospital Spoilers: Laura In Denial – Are Martin And Cyrus Really Brothers

General Hospital: Laura Collins (Genie Francis)General Hospital spoilers tease that the notion of she and Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) have anything in common whatsoever seems ridiculous to Laura Collins! Since she found out in a recent episode of GH that he’s her half-brother as well as Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight), this is obviously familial similarities being discussed!

General Hospital Spoilers – Laura Collins, Martin Gray And Cyrus  Renault Accidentally Met Up In Florence Grey’s Hospital Room

Laura, Martin and Cyrus all accidentally met up in Florence Grey’s (originally Anne Collings) room at Mountain Landing Long Term Care in Vermont. It happened to be Florence’s birthday, and as Laura ran and ducked in the bathroom, Martin had arrived with a hummingbird cake and told his mother he would get some water, and Laura came out. She told Martin she didn’t want to give him a heart attack so she came out instead of letting him find her in there!

As the two talked about Florence, Laura revealed that Martin and she shared a father, Gordon Grey (Howard Sherman, Eric Server) so she was his half-sister. He wanted to know why she was there checking up on his mother, and she told him. She had been doing investigations on Cyrus and had found he was protecting someone in the house in Astoria, Oregon and from there found it had been Florence. She didn’t understand why Cyrus is paying her bills and was concerned he may be holding Florence as a prisoner! Martin chuckled and assured Laura he wasn’t.

At that point, in walked Cyrus with a bouquet, telling Laura that Florence was his mother too! Laura was stunned as she realized Cyrus is her half-brother along with Martin! That is, if Cyrus is telling the truth. Martin will vouch for Cyrus, even though he has only their mother in common as far as he is concerned! He told Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) that when he revealed to him that they were brothers!

GH Spoilers – Cyrus Renault Tells Laura Collins It’s Just One Big Family Reunion

Cyrus will tell Laura and Martin it’s just one big family reunion, although he may be surprised at the presence of Martin there at the same time. Martin certainly didn’t plan on being there at the same time as Cyrus, and Laura was a surprise for both of them, although Cyrus didn’t seem as surprised as Martin did! Laura will be irritated with Cyrus. She knew he had a personal interest in her and her family but couldn’t figure out why. She realizes Martin didn’t know about her, and he was surprised.

But Cyrus already knew he was her half-brother and didn’t tell her. It is a surprise to Laura that Martin and Cyrus are brothers and she may be a little irritated that Martin knew all along about that and didn’t tell her. But she will be much more irritated with Cyrus! She will confront him about that and rather angrily! Florence is sedated, so even when the three of them are there getting a bit loud she doesn’t stir! Someone will bring up the idea that Cyrus and Laura have things in common other than their mutual father, and Laura will be offended! It may be Cyrus himself, and Laura won’t take that well. She will scoff at the notion that they have anything else other than their father and Martin in common at all!

There could be good and bad things or maybe even some neutral things that are mentioned. For instance, Laura and Cyrus’ facial shapes are more alike than Cyrus and Martin’s or Laura and Martin’s. Martin looks more like Gordon while Laura and Cyrus look more like a much younger Florence. Cyrus might bring up other things that embarrass her in front of Martin – things like both of them have killed before! That should bring up a conversation as to why is he interested in the David Hamilton (Jerry Ayres) case! Laura will be disturbed and perplexed at her new family connection to Cyrus! It won’t make any difference in her intentions to take him down!

Stay tuned to GH, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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