General Hospital Spoilers & Recap Monday, February 11: Jason Is Concerned About DoD – Shiloh Fears Drew’s Memory

General Hospital Spoilers & Recap Monday, February 11: Jason Is Concerned About DoD - Shiloh Fears Drew’s MemoryGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Monday, February 11, 2019, reveals Jason (Steve Burton) goes to Beecher’s Corner to meet Harmony (Inga Cadranel). Harmony offers to tell him about DOD.

GH Spoilers Jason Meets Harmony

Harmony asks Jason if he’s there on behalf of someone else, he says yes. Harmony questions why he didn’t talk to Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), Jason didn’t want to talk to Hank Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Harmony tells Jason how DOD has opened her up to find her better self. Jason wants to know why Harmony and Shiloh aren’t together in Port Charles.

Harmony says Shiloh wanted to expand, so he came to Port Charles. Jason tells Harmony the girl he is there for is falling for Shiloh and wants to know how he handles that. Harmony tells Jason that Shiloh handles the less experienced volunteers with care. Jason doesn’t want his friend to get hurt. A cop approaches Jason and brings up a dropped murder charge from years ago. The cop tells Jason he is on the wrong side of the law again. Harmony backs the officer off when she realizes he is trying to protect her. Harmony wants to know if Jason feels better about DOD, he says he has learned a lot. Harmony wants to help Jason, and he declines.

General Hospital Spoilers Sam Gives Carly A Gift

General Hospital’s Sam (Kelly Monaco) is talking to Carly (Laura Wright) at the Metrocourt. Carly doesn’t want Sam to break up with Jason. Sam gives Carly a Valentine that Danny (T.K. Weaver) has made her and Sonny (Maurice Benard). Sam and Carly talk about how much Danny is like Jason. Carly tells Sam she’s going to have to work a lot harder to hide how much she loves Jason if she’s going to sell this breakup. Carly wants to know if Sam thinks Shiloh is a sexual predator.

Sam tells Carly she plans to find out. Carly asks if Sam thinks she can con Shiloh. Carly offers to have Sonny to run Shiloh out of town. Carly wants to strangle him herself. Sam says she has to hold onto his every word. Sam says all she has to do it follow along. Sam hates lying to Danny about her and Jason. Sam tells Carly that Monica (Leslie Charleston) is the most hands-off mother in law. Sam tells Carly she and Monica are a lot alike. Carly tells Sam she is part of that club too.

Sam know what it feels to be used by a man and isn’t letting that happen to Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth). Carly says Sam and Jason should be together on Valentine’s Day. Sam says she has plans because the faster she solves this, the quicker she gets Kristina out of there. Jason arrives, Carly tells him he just missed Sam. Jason tells Carly that one of her bartenders are from DOD. Carly has also found out DOD was behind the clothing drive Jocelyn helped with last fall, she doesn’t like it.

GH Spoilers Drew Joins The Investigation

General Hospital’s Drew (Billy Miller) arrives and says he is going to meet with Shiloh. Drew goes to the DOD house to speak to Shiloh. Drew wants to talk about Afghanistan. Shiloh tells Drew they were tight, but Drew wasn’t the drunken type. Shiloh tells Drew he thought the confessions were to make him feel better. Shiloh says a confession seems monumental when you make it. Shiloh and Drew talk about whether Drew could regain his memory.

Drew tells Shiloh there is a procedure that could restore his memory. Drew tells Shiloh about his abduction. Drew tells him the plan was to put him in Jason’s place. Drew tells him he got Jason’s memories by lost his. Shiloh asks what is holding him back. Drew tells Shiloh he doesn’t want to lose the memories of the last five years to regain his memories of the past. Shiloh invites Drew to come to their seminars, Drew says he might try that. Harmony calls Shiloh, and he tells her that a potential threat isn’t go threatening, she tells him about Jason’s visit.

General Hospital Alexis Meets With Neil

General Hospital’s Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) meets with Neil (Joe Flanigan) at his office; they are shocked when they recognize each other. Neil offers to refer Alexis to someone else since she seems uncomfortable. Alexis thanks him and says goodnight, she turns to leave. Alexis goes back to Neil’s office and wants him to treat her. Alexis asks if he knew who she was at Charlie’s.

Neil tells Alexis he was already at Charlie’s when she made her appointment, so he didn’ t know who she was. Neil says they can try this session and see what happens. Neil wants to know why returning to therapy was important now. Alexis tells him about her feelings seeing Julian (William DeVry) kiss Kim (Tamara Braun) and about DOD. Alexis tells Neil that her ex is the type of man she likes. Neil asks what type of man, she tells him the dangerous kind that loves money more than anything.

Neil asks if there was one man who started this, she says her father. Alexis says her father was ruthless, etc. she rarely got his attention and never gained his love. Neil tells her she shouldn’t have to earn her father’s love. Alexis tells Neil that he doesn’t understand her family. Alexis tells Neil about Helena (ex-Constance Towers) murdering her mother. Neil believes she is attracted to those type of men because her father kept her safe from Helena. Neil says if they continue the session maybe they can steer her toward better men.


GH Ryan Tells Ava He Loves Her

General Hospital’s Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) are on the roof. Ryan has a syringe in his hand and asks if Griffin has picked out a place for Kiki’s (ex-Hayley Erin) memorial brick. Griffin tells him he wants it by the flower bed. Ava interrupts Ryan before he can inject Griffin. Ryan asks if Ava is there to find Griffin. Ava tells Ryan she is looking for him, she saw the paperwork on the brick and wants to give him her input. Griffin excuses himself and tells them to let him know when they pick the final spot. Ryan says it isn’t much, but if he clears Ava’s anger toward him, it ’s a good thing.

Ava tells Ryan she’s not angry, she jumped to conclusions. Ava tells Ryan she knows he was trying to protect Franco. Ava urges Ryan to tell the police they have the wrong man. Ryan says that Ava ran out on him and went back to Griffin. Ava tells Ryan she wouldn’t go back to the man that cheated with her daughter. Ava grabs Ryan and hugs him. Ryan pulls away and tells Ava he thought she had lost her. Ryan tells Ava she is everything to him. Ryan says he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost the woman he lives. Ava tells Ryan she loves him too and they embrace.

General Hospital Sasha Visits Griffin

General Hospital’s Griffin goes home and starts to work out. Sasha (Sophie Mattsson) knocks on Griffin’s door and asks to come in; she tells him she can’t imagine what he is going through. Griffin says he’s sick and tired of people talking about Kiki, it’s not going to bring her back. Griffin apologizes to Sasha and tells her he gets distracted sometimes.

Sasha asks how Griffin got the bruises; he explains that he spars sometimes. Sasha can’t believe he fights with surgeons hands. Sasha tells Griffin she came to town and met everyone and wondered if they were ok. Sasha wants to do the right thing but doesn’t know how to fix it. Griffin offers to talk to her about it. Sasha asks why it is so hot in there; Griffin tells her the radiator is messed up. Sasha leaves, and Griffin invites her back any time.

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