General Hospital Spoilers and Recap Tuesday, January 29: Sam Has A Plan – Ryan Gets Access To Lulu

General Hospital Spoilers and Recap Tuesday, January 29: Sam Has A Plan - Ryan Gets Access To LuluGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Tuesday, January 29, 2019, reveals Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) tries to walk Lulu (Emme Rylan) through what happened at her office.

GH Spoilers Laura Hires Curtis As A Bodyguard

Lulu sees Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) and says it was you that came into the room. Ryan tells Lulu he was there when she woke up. Lulu remembers Laura (Genie Frances) coming to get her for the book launch. Lulu cries and says she should have gone with Laura when she came for her. Jordan wants Ava (Maura West) and Ryan to leave the room. Jordan says with Lulu’s help they will find her attacker.

Ava asks why Ryan wanted to leave, she tells him Lulu will eventually remember and then she will get the bastard that killed her daughter. Jordan asks if Lulu remembers opening the door to her office since it was locked. Lulu gets very upset, and Laura and Jordan insist on stopping the questions. Jordan tells Lulu she is glad she’s safe and leaves. Laura tries to calm Lulu down and convince her she’s safe. Laura has Griffin (Matt Cohen) called in for a consult to check on Lulu. Griffin tells Laura he wants to question her alone, so she doesn’t downplay her symptoms.

Ava brings Laura coffee and checks on Lulu. Laura thanks Ava for checking on Lulu, she wouldn’t wish what happened to Kiki on anyone. Griffin comes out to give Laura his assessment of Lulu. Griffin thinks Lulu is trying to remember hard. Griffin suggests a psychiatrist might help Lulu to remember. Jordan thanks Griffin, he wants Lulu to remember, he wants Kiki’s (ex Hayley Erin) killer found. Curtis (Donnell Turner) joins Jordan at the hospital, and she tells him that Lulu can’t remember who attacked her. Laura wants to hire Curtis to be Lulu’s bodyguard. Jordan has officers posted all through the hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Mike Moves To The Facility

General Hospital’s Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) call Griffin over to the house to talk to them about Mike’s (Max Gail) situation. Griffin tells them that Alzheimer’s patients attack those they love the most. Mike comes in and thinks he is renting off Sonny and Carly. Griffin sees that Mike doesn’t know who Sonny or Carly is. Griffin tells Sonny it is best to make sure Mike has the best life he can at this point. Griffin tells them to let Mike deal with it the way he is.

Mike’s mind may be slipping, but he is handling things. Griffin leaves and Carly hugs Sonny. Sonny and Carly are downstairs talking about their conversation with Griffin. Mike is upstairs packing his clothes. Carly hopes that Sonny knows how much Mike loves him. Mike comes downstairs and tells Carly and Sonny he is moving in with Yvonne (Janet Hubert). Carly offers to give him a ride. Sonny and Carly tell Mike they knew this day was coming and he has a room there any time.

Mike tells Sonny that he would like Yvonne, Mike goes to get his gloves. Sonny checks the bag to make sure Mike’s gloves aren’t in it. Sonny cries as he waits for Mike to come downstairs and slides a picture of him and Mike at Lukes in his bag. Carly comes and asks when Mike is; Sonny tells her he went to find his gloves. Carly asks Sonny to go with them, but he refuses. Mike tells him he would recommend this place to anyone. Sonny tells Mike it was good having him there, Mike hopes to see him around, Sonny assures him he will.

GH Spoilers Marcus Is Staying In Town

General Hospital’s Curtis arrives at the hospital and Stella (Vernee Watson) lights into him over calling Marcus (Nigel Gibbs) to talk about her. Curtis asks Stella where she thinks he learned to meddle. Curtis tells Stella she went to Chaundra behind his back. Curtis assumed they broke up over misconceptions. Stella tells Griffin that Marcus has made reservations at the MetroCourt and wanted to meet her to talk about his and Curtis’ conversation.

Stella joins Marcus, and he tells her that Curtis was right to call him out on his actions. Stella tells Marcus she could not stand in the way of him and his job offer. Marcus tells Stella he and Yvonne had a great life together, but that didn’t lessen the love he had for Stella back then. Marcus tells Stella he is staying in town. Stella says she and Marcus can be friends.

General Hospital Shiloh Give Kristina A Job

General Hospital’s Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) hopes that Daisy (Kelsey Wang) hasn’t caused Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) to doubt the organization. Kristina says Daisy is making her doubt the authenticity of DOD. Shiloh tells Kristina she can ask him anything she wants and he will answer her honestly. Kristina says Daisy broke their trust, but she thinks Daisy opened her up to be more accepting of DOD. Kristina says Daisy has done nothing but make Sam (Kelly Monaco) more suspicious. Shiloh wants Kristina to be an outreach ambassador.


GH Julian Thinks Alexis Is Meddling

General Hospital’s Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) approaches Julian (William DeVry) at the hospital and asks if he has talked to Kim (Tamara Braun) and how she is. Julian doesn’t understand why Alexis is pushing him toward Kim. Alexis tells Julian that Kim needs Julian and she thinks he needs her. Julian tells Alexis that his life is no longer her business. Alexis calls Kristina, and she tells her she signed her up for a seminar with her.

General Hospital Sam And Jason Agree To Meet Secretly

General Hospital’s Sam arrives home, Jason (Steve Burton) gives him the rundown of what he has to do this evening but wants to get together tonight. Sam tells Jason they are going to have to break up because Kristina is in a lot more trouble than she thought. Jason questions how them breaking up will help. Sam explains to Jason how Shiloh has opened his investigation and doesn’t like what he found. Sam tells Jason that she has to beat Shiloh at his own game. Sam believes if she is single, she can work Shiloh.

Sam tells Jason that Kristina needs someone to believe in right now. Jason is sorry that this is going on with Kristina. Jason asks Sam how she’s going to outcon the con. Sam says she needs to be vulnerable and what could make her more vulnerable than breaking up with him. Sam tells Jason she is going to tell everyone that she can’t continue in a relationship with him. Sam believe if she acts like she needs guidance Shiloh will invite her to join the organization.

Sam calls Shiloh and wants to meet with him. Sam tells Jason he can visit Danny (T.K. Weaver) there, they have to act like exes in public. Sam tells Jason she just got him back and she isn’t going to let him get away. Sam asks Jason what his bedroom looks like and he tells her she will have to come over and find out. Sam tells Jason in private they are together. Sam is losing Jason with her ideas. Sam kisses Jason, and he carries her upstairs.

GH Ryan Joins Lulu’s Medical Team

General Hospital’s Ava joins Ryan in his room. Ryan is getting dressed to leave the hospital; Ryan says he is clear to leave the hospital. Ryan wants Ava to leave town with him; she tells him she can’t leave without Avery. Ryan says he is talking about a vacation, not leaving for good. Ryan starts to go check in with his office. Jordan stops Ryan and asks if he has a clean bill of health.

Ryan tells Jordan he has been and she asks him to join them in Lulu’s room. Ryan isn’t sure what Laura and Jordan are asking of him. Ryan tells them that Lulu cannot keep forcing herself to try to remember. Laura thinks Ryan for being there for her and Lulu. Ryan promises to make sure Lulu is completely taken care of and smiles.

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