General Hospital Recap Tuesday, Feb 26: Jordan Loses A Kidney – Ryan Confronts Franco

General Hospital Sopilers Ryan Chamberlain [Jon Lindstrom] - Franco [Roger Howarth] General Hospital’s Chase (John Swickard) calls Lulu (Emme Rylan) to see if she has talked to Laura (Genie Francis). Lulu hasn’t heard anything and tells Chase Laura is supposed to be in a meeting. Lulu is at Ferncliff to interview with Franco (Roger Howarth). Peter (Wes Ramsey) asks Lulu if everything is ok.

Peter says Lulu doesn’t have to be the reporter in the room; she is determined to do the interview. Someone cuffs Franco to a chair, and Lulu asks if he is ready to begin. Franco would like nothing more. Franco talks about how the bodies were posed and say Kiki (ex-Hayley Erin) was too beautiful not to kill. Lulu says Franco was three and 0 until her attack and asks what went wrong, and he says nothing.

Franco tells Lulu she should have died in the elevator, and it would have been beautiful artwork. Franco says he didn’t have anything about any of them. Lulu asks Franco since this happened about the time of Ryan Chamberlains (Jon Lindstrom) anniversary, was it a copycat killing? Franco laughs and says he was much better than Ryan.

General Hospital – Franco Shocks Ava

Franco tells Lulu the tumor is growing back and that means he’ll get another get out of jail free card. Peter asks how Lulu is doing. She says everything about the interview threw her and that something felt off about all of it. Franco sits in his room at Ferncliff and dares the killer to come after him, just then Ryan arrives and tells him he has made a colossal mistake.

Ava (Maura West) and Ryan meet at Charlie’s after Ryan checks Laura’s phone messages. Ava wants to see Franco’s interview on TV and turns it on at Charlie’s. Franco says he takes credit for all the murders and Ryan zones out. Ava asks Ryan if she could have trusted Kiki’s killer all along. Lulu talks about Franco rebuilding his life, and she asks how he pulled this off.

Franco refers to the crimes as artwork. Ava continues to watch, and Julian wants to turn the TV off. Ryan says Ava needs to see this, and it will help her heal. He listens to Franco saying he is a better killer and tells Ava he has to check on a patient. Julian tells Ava she is getting in too deep too fast with Kevin (Jon Lindstrom).

Ava talks about first meeting Franco and says what happened to Kiki is her fault. Ava says she is the one who let Franco into Kiki’s life. Ava says Franco played them all and she tells Julian that Kevin is the only thing keeping her sane. She and why she shouldn’t marry him – she has screwed up everything else in her life.

General Hospital – Neil Ask Alexis If She’s Dangerous

Neil (Joe Flanigan) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) talk about her track record with men. Neil says studies show we are attracted to what we see inside ourselves. Neil asks Alexis what makes her dangerous. Alexis tells Neil she has killed two people. Alexis tells Neil she was wrongly convicted of murder once and faked DID.

She also tells Neil that her daughter’s boyfriend walked out in front of her and she hit him with her car. Neil tells Alexis he sees that nothing is her fault. Neil says so horrific things keep happening to you, but you aren’t to blame and questions why not.

Alexis says there was a third incident, but she survived. Neil asks how it is that Alexis has been struck by lightning three times while standing with a metal rod but isn’t at fault. Alexis goes to Charlie’s and Chase questions if she has heard from Laura. Alexis asks Julian what is going on with Kevin and Ava; he says they are engaged. She leaves and Ava orders a vodka.

General Hospital – Shiloh Buys Sam’s Act

General Hospital’s Sam (Kelly Monaco) is kissing Jason (Steve Burton) when he spots Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Jason squeezes Sam’s arm in warning her, she, in turn, slaps him across the face and turns to face Shiloh. Sam asks Jason what is wrong with him. Sam tells Jason she has told him time and again it’s over. Shiloh offers to help Sam, Jason tells him they can handle this.

Sam tells Jason that besides Danny, they have nothing between them. Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) walks in and asks what is going on. Sam grabs her and walks off. Shiloh tells Jason he needs to face that things are over with Sam. Shiloh threatened to call the cops on Jason for trespassing last night. Jason asks Shiloh if he needs to call his lawyer.

Shiloh tells Jason that Sam is a part of his community and therefore falls under his protection. Jason asks Shiloh if that is a threat. Kristina goes to Jason’s room and asks if Shiloh is coming with her. She thanks Jason for saving her all those times but he needs to stay away from Sam. Sam, Shiloh, and Kristina leave together.


General Hospital – Kristina Thinks Jason Is Controlling

General Hospital’s Sam and Kristina talk about her and Jason’s relationship. Sam says since discovering DOD she has realized that Jason will never put her first. Sam says Jason is always putting someone ahead of her. Kristina asks if she’s talking about Sonny and Carly.

Sam says Jason has controlled their relationship from the start. Kristina didn’t see it until now. Kristina tells Sam she used to think her and Jason were so romantic, now she sees how controlling he was all along. Kristina tells Sam she has the whole DOD community for support and Jason doesn’t stand a chance.

T.J. (Tajh Bellow) arrives at Jordan’s (Briana Nicole Henry) room and questions Curtis (Donnell Turner) about Jordan’s emergency surgery. Curtis tells him Jordan’s blood pressure has spiked and they had no choice. Molly (Ha

(Haley Pullos) brings breakfast and coffee to Curtis and T.J.; they get an update on Jordan; they had to remove her kidney. T.J. says he can take it from her. T.J. says making it out of surgery was huge. Curtis says Jordan isn’t out of the woods yet, is she?

General Hospital – Chase Searches For Laura

T.J. goes to check on Jordan and updates Curtis. Molly realizes that he is scared and he admits to being terrified. He talks about how long it took him to make up with Jordan. Molly tells T.J. that Jordan isn’t going to die. Molly tells T.J. she was never when she first met his mom. Molly says Jordan welcomed her with open arms. Molly says she never met T.J.s dad, but she thinks he would have been like Curtis.

Chase continues to ask people if they have heard from Laura. Alexis tells him she hasn’t received any divorce papers although Kevin says their divorce is final. Chase later questions Curtis to see if Laura has been in touch since Jordan’s accident. Chase finds it odd that no one has talked to Laura despite her text to him.

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