Days of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, February 26: Jack Puts J.J. At Risk – Stefan And Chloe Grow Closer

Days of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, February 26: Jack Puts J.J. At Risk - Stefan And Chloe Grow CloserDays of Our Lives’ Brady (Eric Martsolf) sends a text to Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and turns on the debate. Brady questions what Eve (Kassie DePaiva) is up to now. Gabi (Camila Banus) stops to see Brady and tells him what Stefan (Tyler Christopher) has done.

Brady tells Gabi that Chloe is living with Stefan and she is going to get hurt. After Stefan reads Chloe’s text, she makes sure Brady knows she is safe. Gabi and Brady talk about Gabi Chic. Brady says Stefan was an idiot to fire her.

Gabi wants Brady to hire her, so they can take down Stefan for good. He says he can’t do anything since Stefan owns the brand. Brady asks Gabi if Stefan ran his decision through the board. Brady tells Gabi to call Shen and convince him that Gabi Chic is a gold mine. If Shen agrees with Gabi, Stefan will have to hire her back. Gabi says she likes the way he thinks. She then questions why Brady would want her working for Stefan and he says he wants her to work from the inside.

Days Of Our Lives – Jack Asks Melinda About Her Sister

Jack (Matthew Ashford) asks Melinda (Laura Kai Chen) if illegal immigration is a threat to Salem. Melinda says she believes so. Jack says that is interesting, considering Melinda’s sister is an illegal immigrant and is living in Salem. Melinda says she doesn’t know what Jack is talking about but he tells her she is lying.

Jack then proceeds to tell everyone Haley Chen (Thia Megia) is Melinda’s sister and lives with his son. Jack says J.J. (Casey Moss) told him the whole story. Melinda denies having a sister that is undocumented. Eve gets up and says they have a right to know the truth.

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) calls for closing statements. Melinda says she has proven she is tough on crime and illegal immigration. Reporters corner Melinda and ask about her sister. Melinda says there is no truth to Jack or Eve’s (Kassie DePaiva) statement and walks off. Jennifer confronts Eve and blames her for Jack exposing Haley. Eve suggests Jack is trying to be a father and Jennifer is jealous.

Days Of Our Lives – Haley Unloads On J.J.

Haley tells J.J. he promised not to say anything and that he lied to her over and over. J.J. tells her he begged Jack not to say anything and he tries to apologize, Haley tells him never to touch her again and she then accuses him of just wanting to have sex with her. She says she asked him several times and he should have told her the truth.

J.J. tells Haley he told Jack because she had taken off and he was worried about her. He says he also thought Jack was going to keep quiet. J.J. then says Jack had to have found out some other way that Melinda was her sister because he never told him that. Then Melinda shows up at J.J.’s to confront the two of them.

J.J. apologizes to Melinda who demands to speak to her sister. Melinda tells Haley she said J.J. could be trusted. Haley tells Melinda this is going to come out. Melinda wants Haley to deny everything. Haley says she has to work. Melinda doesn’t want Haley to talk to reporters. Melinda tells Haley she needs to stay out of sight. Melinda tells Haley she didn’t ask for Haley to show up on her doorstep. Haley is afraid of being sent back to China. Melinda tells her she can rely on her nursing skills. Melinda tells Haley she put her trust in the wrong person and from now on she is on her own.


Days Of Our Lives – Chloe and Stefan Discuss His Losses

Chloe joins Stefan as he tries to fix his chess board and gets him a drink. Chloe asks him about coming to Salem to get to know his family. Stefan tells Chloe that everything he thought he could have when he came to Salem fell apart. Stefan says he lost the woman he thought loved him and a child he thought was his.

Stefan says he lost his brother too. Stefan says he loved Gabby (ex-Kate Mansi), Chloe says he was obsessed with Gabby, and that is harder to get over. Stefan asks Chloe if she plays chess, she says she used to pay with Stefano (Joe Mascolo). Chloe and Stefan play chess, and he wins, they make a date for tomorrow. They hear a noise outside but don’t see anything. Stefan assures Chloe she and the kids are safe.

Abe (James Reynolds) and Sheila (Tione “T-Boz” Watkins) go for a drink. Sheila is glad Melinda was attacked by reporters. Sheila tells Abe he deserves to be mayor. Abe is proud of Sheila, and she shouldn’t have tried to resign. Sheila tells him that he has worked hard and she couldn’t let him take the fall for her mistake. Sheila asks why Abe didn’t accept her resignation. Abe didn’t want Sheila to lose her job either. Abe tells Sheila she is doing better every day. Sheila tells Abe this is the first job she has been proud of and wanted to do better. Abe tells Sheila it is good to have someone in his corner. Abe says it is late and leaves to call Valerie (ex-Vanessa Williams) and return home.

Days Of Our Lives – J.J. Confronts Jack

J.J. pulls Jack away from Jennifer and demands to speak to him. He tries to tell his son he did this to protect him. J.J. tells Jack he let Eve manipulate him and that this was about becoming mayor. Jack claims he did it to protect him and J.J. says the father he knew would have never done this. Jack isn’t the dad J.J. remembers because of his memory loss. Jack says that considering how upset he is, but maybe J.J. is better off without him in his life. He tells Jack that is the first thing Jack has gotten right and walks off. When J.J. returns home, Haley has packed her things. He asks where she is going and she tells him he would be the last person she would inform of her whereabouts.

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