General Hospital Recap Friday, March 8: Ryan Drops Ava Off A Bridge – Alexis Dreams About Julian

General Hospital’s Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) arrive at the address given to them by the fortune teller and no one is there. Robert tells Sonny they weren’t going to find Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) sitting on the floor. Sonny keeps pulling his gun and he and Robert start to argue, then a woman comes in.

The fortune teller is a WSB agent and briefs Robert and Sonny on Dante. The agent tells them Raj got to Dante first and he is out of their reach. Dante supposedly went underground looking for Raj. Sonny asks if Dante is dead. Sonny and the agent argue, he is going to save Dante regardless with or without the bureau. Robert says Sonny isn’t going without him. Sonny and Robert realize Dante is a hostage.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) calls Neil (Joe Flanigan) and says she might not need more therapy. Julian (William DeVry) arrives at her door. Julian and Alexis make small talk before she invites him into the house. Julian tells Alexis that Oscar (Garren Stitt) is getting worse. She asks him why he isn’t with Kim (Tamara Braun), Julian says Kim has Drew (Billy Miller).

Days Of Our Lives – Alexis Fantasizes About Julian

Julian tells Alexis that Kim and Drew’s end game is just like Alexis and himself. Julian tells her every time he takes a step away from her, she pulls him back into her life. Alexis tells Julian the only place she wants him is behind her, and that can be arranged. Julian tells Alexis that she wants him and she knows it. She slaps him several times and they start pulling each other’s clothes off, and he lies her down on the couch. Alexis hears an alarm go off and wakes up from her dream. She gets a bottle of vodka and considers drinking it.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) goes to visit Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) – she wants to take her out for dinner. Julian isn’t at the club, so Kristina wants Sam to stay and keep her company. Sam tells her that Carly will make sure to keep Jason busy so he can handle their breakup. Kristina asks when Sam last saw Jason (Steve Burton). Sam tells Kristina she hasn’t seen him in a while and doesn’t know how not to go back to that way of life.

She suggests she should snap her fingers and be enlightened. Kristina tells Sam the seminars etc. are worth it. Sam asks her sister if the classes are expensive, she says they are, but they are worth it. Sam calls Jason with an update. Michael (Chad Duell) introduces Sasha (Sophie Mattsson) to Sam and Kristina.


Days Of Our Lives – Jason Shoots Ryan

Jason breaks into Ryan’s (Jon Lindstrom) room but he and Ava (Maura West) aren’t there. Jason tells Laura (Genie Frances) that the pair are on the way to Canada and the closest footbridge is a half mile away.

Ava makes Ryan stop dragging her across the bridge. She wants to call for help for Carly (Laura Wright), Ryan says he handled it. Ava tries to explain to Ryan that by calling 911 the law won’t come after them. He tells her  they are destined to be together and will be bigger and better together. Ava tells Ryan they need to go now but Jason makes it to the bridge and shoots Ryan.

Ava stands between Jason and Ryan to keep him from firing again. Laura tells Ava it’s not Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), it’s Ryan Chamberlain and that Kevin is in Port Charles. Ava tells Jason about Carly’s condition. Ryan kisses Ava and plunges them both off the bridge.

Carly is laying out in the snow unconscious. She wakes up and tries to figure out what happened. Carly remembers seeing Kevin in the parking garage. She sits up and yells for help but no one is around to hear her. She tries to climb out of the situation she is in to get to safety and she hears Sonny’s voice in her head, encouraging her as she tries to escape.

Days Of Our Lives – Nina Introduces Sasha And Michael

Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Michael are discussing Jordan’s (Briana Nicole Henry) transplant. Michael gives her a strategy to provide her with more possible donors. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Sasha meet outside Charlie’s to wait on Nina to join them. He and Sasha discuss Nina and how Valentin picked the right person to be Nina’s daughter.

Valentin tells her they aren’t hurting anyone, they are giving Nina what she wants. Nina and Sasha arrive, and Nina introduces him to Sasha. She tells Michael he can bail on this meeting if he wants, he declines. Sasha asks what Michael does for work; he mentions he’s the head of ELQ. She tells Michael she is an intern at Crimson. Michael offers to buy her a drink.

Maxie and Peter (Wes Ramsey) are at Charlie’s discussing Sasha and Nina. Maxie then tells Peter about being a surrogate for Dante and Lulu (Emme Rylan). She says she convinced herself to give up Georgie (Lily Fisher) because she couldn’t hurt Lulu and Dante. Maxie tells Peter how she handed Georgie over to Dante and Lulu, but she wanted her back.

She says that Lulu finally forgave her but she knows what it is like to lie for the right reason. She suggests dropping the DNA thing since Nina is delighted to have Sasha. Maxie says they need to find out if Sasha is Nina’s daughter and go from there.

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