General Hospital News: Tamara Braun Hits Back At Online Haters With Grace And Class, ‘Be Kind’

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero (Tamara Braun)(

Fans stay connected with their favorite stars through social media. Some just want to stay in touch while others have nothing better to do but make rude comments. This happens to a lot of celebrities and General Hospital star Tamara Braun was no exception. Braun, who plays, Kim Nero on the soap, addressed the offensive tweets from certain Drew and Sam fans with grace and class.

Although the tweets made by these individuals cannot be viewed except to their followers, one would easily surmise from Braun’s responses that those individuals left nasty comments about the actress.

Braun replied calmly, “Hi there, I have a question for you. Why do you follow me on social media if you find me so irritating and want to write unkind things about me?”

GH Actress Claps Back At Social Media Haters

The fan responded to Braun’s tweet and the latter answered back, “Yes I did. ‘[barf emoji] and spastic squirrel’ are what you wrote. I think you have forgotten that I’m a person with feelings who plays Kim. You don’t have to like what I do but maybe think about the person at the end of the tweet before being mean. Just a suggestion.” Braun also added the hashtag “#BeKind” at the end of her response.

However, instead of apologizing, the fan sarcastically said, “Okay, sweetheart.” Braun kept her cool and replied, “I see you’re not someone who can accept responsibility for your actions. It’s hard. My intention was to give you the benefit of the doubt and ask. Maybe you didn’t get it? You don’t. Think it’s best to end this. Have a good one. #BeKind”

Braun’s followers immediately rallied behind her and offered her support. She then blocked that person and expressed her gratitude and left a piece of advice to her other fans. She said, “Hey kind ones. Thank you for your words. Thanks for the love and support. I appreciate you.”

“Let’s remember that we don’t have to be unkind back because someone else was. Ask honest questions, try to share something of value, and if there is no acceptance, then let it go.”

Tamara Asks Fans To Love And Be Kind To Others

This wasn’t Braun’s first time to encounter rude comments from fans. Back in 2018, Braun received some criticisms about the glasses she wore as Dr. Nero calling them gross and hideous. Braun immediately defended her eyewear and said “My glasses are awesome, not gross. They are my personal ones and I had a problem with my eye and couldn’t wear my contacts. Sorry, it bothered you so.”

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