EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan Collapses In Drug Overdose Drama

EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan Collapses In Drug Overdose Drama Next week on EastEnders, viewers will see Keegan spiral out of control and his worsening drug problem will cause him to collapse. The incident will send shockwaves in Walford and a few of those who will feel the effects of what happened to Keegan include Karen, Mitch, Bailey, and Tiffany.

Keegan started to take drugs after his best friend Shakil died last year. What started as something that helped him forget the pain of losing a loved one has turned into a dangerous habit that is affecting not only him but all those around him as well.

EastEnders Spoilers – Keegan’s Drug Problem Grows

Keegan will try to get a quick fix from Tiffany next week. But when she tries to refuse, Keegan was eager to take the drugs from her. When he collapses, Tiffany finds herself being questioned after Bailey, Keegan’s younger sister, revealed that she saw him take drugs from Tiffany.

After receiving news about what happened to her son, Karen storms off to The Vic and confronts Whitney. Tiffany tries to deny everything but things go from bad to worse for her as the police will soon get involved.

Karen takes the blame for everything that has happened to her son. She should have been the first one to notice Keegan’s drug problem. Keegan’s dad, Mitch, tries to console her and tells her that he knew about his son’s drug problems.

EastEnders Spoilers – A Shocking Confession

When Keegan regains consciousness, he finds his mom by his side. Surprised at his mom’s calm composure, he listens to her tell him some brutal truth about his addiction. He eventually realizes that he has a problem and admits that he needs help.

Meanwhile, Tiffany, who’s scared of the police discovering that Keegan got the drugs from her, turns to Evie instead of following Whitney’s advice to tell the truth. Evie takes advantage of the situation and manipulates Tiffany by telling her that nobody loves her. Tiffany goes head to head with Whitney the day after. But Whitney’s words hit home and makes Tiffany realize that she’s got herself into a big mess.

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