Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Tuesday, February 12: Ben Is Arrested – Jordan Drugs Kate

Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Tuesday, February 12: Ben Is Arrested - Jordan Drugs KateDays Of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Tuesday, February 12, 2019, reveals Jordan (Chrishell Stause) is walking through the park and bumps into Kate (Lauren Koslow).

DOOL Spoilers Kate Is Onto Jordan

Jordan drops her grocery bag with supplies and Kate sees the contents. Kate asks what do we have here? Kate sees diaper rash ointment and asks if it’s not for a baby. Jordan says it’s for her arm; she hurt it. Kate tells Jordan she is rushing around a lot and wants to know what she is doing. Kate accuses Jordan of taking the supplies to Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), she denies it. Jordan and Kate trade insults. Kate warns Jordan that she better help if Ben has the baby. Kate demands Jordan show her the scrap on her arm.

Kate accuses Jordan of being Ben’s accomplice in the kidnapping. Kate thinks that Jordan warned everyone to throw them off. Kate tells Jordan that she knows Jordan is in this with Ben and threatens to call the police. Kate calls the police to report a kidnapping and Jordan injects her with the same drug she gave Ciara (Victoria Konefal). Kate drops the phone and passes out. Jordan is walking Kate through the square when Gabi (Camila Banus) sees them and asks what is wrong. Jordan tells Gabi that Kate is drunk. Gabi offers to help get Kate home, Jordan says she can do it herself.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Ben Questions Himself

Days Of Our Lives’ Ben finds Ciara’s phone as Eli (Lamon Archey), and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) start beating on his motel room door. Ben opens the door and asks what they want. Hope says they have some questions. Ben tells Hope he has answered their questions, Hope says she isn’t done and won’t be until she finds Ciara. Ben tries to tell Hope he doesn’t know where Ciara or the baby is. Ben wants to look for Ciara. Ben tells them again that he hasn’t seen Ciara.

Hope tells Ben that Jordan told them he had seen Ciara and asks why she would say that. Eli tells Ben that Jordan called him and said Ben had seen Ciara. Ben says he felt like Ciara was trying to reach out to him. Hope believes Ben is hallucinating. Ben tells them he has a connection with Ciara; she wants him to save her. Eli wants Ben to go to the station to talk. Ben doesn’t want to go anywhere. Hope says Ben could have kidnapped Ciara and blacked out.

Eli starts going through the room again; Ben tells them Ciara was never there. Eli finds Charlotte’s blanket, and Hope arrests him for kidnapping. Ben tries to tell Hope she is making a mistake when Eli finds Ciara’s phone. Ben tells Hope he has been trying to call Ciara’s phone and the last time he heard it ringing in his room and has no idea how it got there. Hope says they have enough to send Ben to prison for kidnapping or back to Bayview. Ben questions if he could have blacked out and hurt Ciara.


DOOL Spoilers Brady Is Upset With Chloe

Days Of Our Lives’ Brady (Eric Martsolf) goes to Doug’s Place and offers Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) protection. Chloe tells Brady they are all set, she’s moving in with Stefan (Tyler Christopher), Brady looks stunned. Brady is upset that Chloe is moving in with Stefan, he doesn’t trust him. Brady insinuates that Stefan is obsessive. Brady says Chloe is a way to fill the void in Stefan’s life. Chloe tells Brady it goes no deeper than Stefan being nice to her. Brady tells Chloe Stefan is doing this to get to him.

Chloe shoots down Brady’s idea about Stefan. Brady says he will get Victor to change his mind, Chloe tells Brady she doesn’t want to live with him. Chloe is glad she and Brady are friends again, but she doesn’t want to go down this road with him. Chloe needs to get her life straight before she gets into a relationship, and so does Brady. Chloe wants to protect them both from being hurt again. Chloe doesn’t want to risk their friendship for a romance gone wrong. Brady needs to protect her and the kids from Stefan. Brady tells Chloe that moving in with him would be a huge mistake.

Days Of Our Lives Gabi And Stefan Argue

Days Of Our Lives’ Gabi goes to see Stefan and needs him to sign a paper to get a new project started with Gabi Chic. Stefan refuses, and Gabi asks if his pain medicine is getting to him. Stefan asks what she is talking about; she says it’s too bad he didn’t get shot where it could do the most damage. Stefan remembers saving Chloe from the gunman. Stefan accuses Gabi of hiring the gunmen; she says he wouldn’t be here if she had. Gabi tells Stefan to keep ignoring Gabi Chic.

Gabi didn’t want to go to Chad but she will. Gabi will take it to the board, Stefan tells her she has a nice fantasy. Stefan brings up Gabi’s lies about Charlotte. Stefan tells Gabi if Julie hadn’t found the proof, Gabi would have kept that secret. Gabi says she just wanted to destroy his life as he did hers. Stefan tells Gabi she did ruin his life and she doesn’t give a damn about Charlotte. Stefan says he will never stop caring about Charlotte. Stefan says Gabi wants to hurt Abby and nothing more. Gabi accuses Stefan of using the kidnapping to get Chad out of the company.

DOOL Chloe Arrives With The Kids

Days Of Our Lives’ Chloe arrives at the mansion, and she and Stefan talk. Stefan tells Chloe she isn’t imposing. Stefan tells Chloe he is counting on her and the kids to bring some joy into the house. Stefan has toys for the kids and Chloe is impressed. Stefan has had Chloe’s bags taken upstairs and tells her about the screening room. Stefan asks Chloe to sign for him sometime, and she agrees. Chloe and Stefan agree to try and have a good time while she is there. The nanny is getting the kids settled in, and Chloe tells Stefan how grateful she is for his help. Chloe and Stefan believe this was the right choice.

Days Of Our Lives Ciara Sees Ben In A Hallucination

Days Of Our Lives’ Ciara wakes up tied to the bed after being drugged. Charlotte (Matilda Hanna) is crying, and Ciara tries to calm her down. Ciara thinks she hears someone outside the cabin and tells them to come in and save them. Ciara talks to the person she heard outside. Ciara hears Ben’s voice telling her the baby is fine, and she says you’ve come to save me. Ciara talks to Ben and tells him that Jordan is the one who kidnapped her and that baby. Ciara tells Ben Jordan is the one who is dangerous. Ciara is upset that Ben isn’t there and she wonders how she will get out of there.

DOOL Maggie Accuses Brady Of Being Jealous

Days of Our Lives’ Brady arrives home and tells Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) about Chloe’s decision. Maggie tells Brady she knows and he asks if she approves. Brady wants Maggie to talk to Chloe and get her to move there. Maggie thinks Brady is jealous of Chloe living with another man.

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