Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Monday, March 11: Diana Gives Marlena Penicillin – Haley Is Arrested

Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Monday, March 11: Diana Gives Marlena Penicillin - Haley Is Arrested Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Monday, March 11, 2019, reveals Eli (Lamon Archey) and Lani (Sal Stowers) have dinner and Ted (Gilles Marini) interrupts demanding they pick up Haley (Thia Megia) tonight. Ted tells Eli and Lani they are off duty when he says they are and demands they still look for Haley.

DOOL Spoilers Eli And Lani Want To Avoid Ted

Eve (Kassie DePaiva) comes to the pub and tells Lani and Eli she knows where Haley is. Ted orders them to take Eve’s information and arrest Haley. Eli and Lani want no part of going after Haley because it is a misdemeanor offense, but Hope (Kristian Alfonso) agrees with Ted and orders Haley’s arrest.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Eve Tells Jack Where Haley Is Staying

Days of Our Lives’ Eve and Jack (Matthew Ashford) meet in the park; she tells him Tripp (Lucas Adams) is hiding Haley. Jack wants to know why his brother would name his child Tripp. Eve tells Jack that Haley is making a play for Tripp and tells Jack to help his nephew and himself at the same time. Eve suggests a headline that Jack helped lead the police to Haley. Jack tells Eve he doesn’t see Haley being that big of a story. Eve tells Jack that everyone is talking about Haley. Eve tells Jack that she knows where Tripp lives; Jack wants someone around to take pictures.

DOOL Spoilers Eve And The Cops Arrive At The Loft

Days of Our Lives Haley, Tripp, and Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) are at the loft; Claire suggests Haley take a bus to Detroit. Claire claims that Hope may stop by any time and find her. Tripp tells Claire they are trying to keep Haley in Salem. Tripp wants Claire to call Belle and get the name of an immigration lawyer. Claire pretends to call Belle but lies to Tripp and says she left a voicemail.

Haley promises not to stay any longer than necessary. Tripp tells Haley she isn’t hurting anyone. Jack knocks on the door, Tripp sends Haley to hide in his room. Jack introduces himself as Tripp’s uncle, Jack. Jack tries to play nice with Tripp who isn’t buying his act. Eve arrives with Lani and Eli who go upstairs to find Haley. Eve videos Haley’s arrest to help Jack’s campaign.


Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Diane Injects Cookies With Penicillin

Days of Our Lives Diana (Judith Chapman) is still coming up with scenarios of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) death. The nurse warns Diana that Marlena is at the desk. Diana wants the nurse to help her get into other parts of the hospital and orders her to keep an eye on Marlena. Diana sneaks out of Marlena’s office and heads for the pharmacy.

Diana gets cookies for Marlena and injects penicillin into them. Diana leaves a note for Marlena saying the cookies are a gift. Marlena comes into her office to wait for John and eats a cookie. Marlena passes out on the floor of her office. Diana comes back later to check on Marlena and finds her passed out but still alive on the floor of her office. Marlena sees the DNA test results on Marlena’s desk with John’s (Drake Hogestyn) name on them.

DOOL Marlena And Kayla Discuss Leo

Days of Our Lives’ Marlena gets a call from Will (Chandler Massey) and warns John to look out for Leo (Greg Rikaart). Marlena tells John she has the test results; he agrees to meet her at the hospital to go over them. Marlena and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) discuss the possibility of John being Leo’s father. Marlena tells Kayla that Diana isn’t the person John fell in love with years ago.

Kayla tells Marlena that Diana will never come between her and John. Marlena is afraid John will want to make Leo a part of the family. Marlena asks Kayla about Steve (Stephen Nichols), Kayla says Steve is mad and still halfway across the world. Kayla assures Marlena that Leo could fit into their family just like Steve made Tripp feel like a part of the family.

Days Of Our Lives John Shocks Leo

Days of Our Lives’ John heads out the door and walks into Leo who demands to know why he is there. Leo accuses John of searching Diana’s room. Leo tries to take the envelope away from John who refuses to let him have it. Leo threatens to call the cops. John informs Leo he would be turning in his father if he calls the police. Leo tells John he is bluffing. John asks Leo if he is sure Mr. Cooper was his father. John gives Leo the story that Diana gave him. Leo asks John if he believes Diana. John tells Leo he had a DNA test done. Leo doesn’t believe that Diana let him think Cooper was his father.

Leo says Mr. Cooper was abusive and his mother never stood up to the man. John tells Leo with this DNA test, Leo might find out Richard Cooper isn’t his father. Leo says he needs to find Diana and demands the envelope. John says Leo doesn’t want to police to see the contents. John promises to give Leo the envelope if he drops the charges against Will and Sonny. John and Leo go to the pub, and Leo informs Ted he is dropping the charges against Will and Sonny.

Ted asks Leo if he is being pressured to drop the charges, Leo tells him no and insists that Will and Sonny didn’t mean to hurt him. Ted agrees to drop the charges as soon as possible. John asks Leo if he wants to be there to get the DNA results. Leo needs to find out why Diana lied all these years. John tells Leo if the evidence comes back to bite him, he is welcome to call for John for help. Leo questions why John would do that without having the test results.

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