Days Of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Monday, February 11: Jordan Plants Ciara’s Phone – Eve Pressures Jack

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Monday, February 11: Jordan Plants Ciara’s Phone - Eve Pressures Jack Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Monday, February 11, 2019, reveals Haley (Thia Megia) wants to help J.J. (Casey Moss); she tells him how he helped her when she didn’t want him to, and she wants to do the same. J.J. and Haley begin to kiss. J.J. and Haley stop making out, and he tells her about thinking Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) kidnapped Charlotte (Matilda Hanna). J.J. tells her he almost killed Ben once because he murdered his girlfriend.

DOOL Spoilers Haley Believes She Can Trust J.J.

J.J. tells her about pulling a gun on Ben. Haley asks if Ben is dangerous. J.J. tells Haley he thinks Ben convinced the doctors to let him out and has found a new hobby. J.J. tells Haley that Ben had done this before and tortured Abby more than once. J.J. says he would love to beat Ben to a pulp, but it wouldn’t help Abby. Haley asks if they are close J.J. tells her they are and talks about his and Abby’s relationship.

Haley says Melinda (Laura Kai Chen) doesn’t laugh at her jokes. J.J. says yeah, she kicked her out of the house and didn’t want to be seen with her in public. Haley tells J.J. that Melinda could be in legal trouble over her. Haley tells J.J. that Melinda stopped by earlier. Haley tells J.J. that Melinda knows she told him about her immigration status. Haley says she will keep Abby (Kate Mansi) and the baby in her prayers and tells him the kiss was nice.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Eve Tries To Manipulate Jack

Days of Our Lives Jack (Matthew Ashford) tells Eve (Kassie DePaiva) he couldn’t help his daughter and he can’t help his son. Jack tells her that one of the J.J.s friends has an immigration problem. Eve says she wants to help; Jack tells her she can’t, J.J. friend is too scared. Eve suggests that J.J. will marry Haley, so she doesn’t get deported. Eve tells Jack that Abby did this for a friend and almost got killed.

Eve tells him he can protect J.J. from that. Eve wants Jack to expose Haley and says it’s to keep J.J. safe. Jack tells Eve sandbagging this girl’s life is cruel. Eve tells Jack that J.J. is in the middle and Jack needs to help. Jack wants to stand back and let J.J. come to him if he needs help. Eve wants Jack to make an anonymous phone call.

DOOL Spoilers Chad Offers A Reward For Information

Days of Our Lives Chad (Billy Flynn) promises Abby he will put Charlotte back in her arms. Kate (Lauren Koslow) arrives at Abby’s, Abby demands to know what she wants. Kate is there to help Abby she has been through this with her children and understood. Abby wants to know how she is supposed to move forward. Abby snaps at Kate and leaves to call the police. Kate talks to Chad about what happened to the baby. Chad tells Kate that Jordan (Chrishell Stause) and Stefan (Tyler Christopher) were there and then Abby discovered the baby was gone. Kate asks if Chad thinks Jordan did it, she’s not a psychopath like her brother.

Chad tells Kate that Jordan was there to warn them and that he went after Ben. Abby comes back, and Chad asks what the police said. Kate moves to leave, and Abby stops her. Abby tells Kate she can’t forgive her, but she had no right to attack her and apologizes. Abby wonders if the person who has Charlotte know important things about her. Chad tells Abby he’s going to do what he should have done a long time ago. Chad calls the news media, and he and Abby make a plea for Charlotte’s return. Chad offers a reward for any information. Chad begs for the baby’s return.


Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Jordan Lies To Eli

Days of Our Lives Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is on the phone with Rafe (Galen Gering). Ted (Gilles Marini) walks in; the phone cuts off before hope can understand what Rafe is saying. Ted asks if Rafe is coming home. Hope tells him all she understood was that he was on a plane stuck on a runway. Ted offers to be there for Hope until he gets home. Eli (Lamon Archey) comes in and tells Hope that they have checked the tapes and Lani (Sal Stowers) is at the airport checking for more information.

Hope’s imagination is working overtime imagining what Ben could have done to Ciara (Victoria Konefal). Jordan calls Eli and tells him Ben came back to Salem to come after Abby. Eli asks if Jordan has any proof that Ben has done anything. Jordan tells Eli that Ben is upset like he is hiding something. Jordan tells Eli she tried to get Ben to commit himself and tells him Ben said he talked to Ciara. Jordan makes it seem like Ben had seen Ciara and hangs up. Eli tells Hope he just talked to Jordan and she needs to hear this.

DOOL Ben Finds Ciara’s Phone

Days of Our Lives Ben goes to his room and finds Jordan there. Ben wants Jordan to explain why she put it in Abby’s head that he would kidnap her child. Jordan says she didn’t throw Ben under the bus, but she was concerned. Ben tells Jordan she is his sister and should believe him. Jordan asks if this was the best place for him to come. Jordan thinks coming to Salem has caused Ben to regress. Ben tells Jordan he hasn’t done anything. Ben tells Jordan people are accusing him of things he didn’t do. Jordan pushes Ben to talk to Marlena and suggests he doesn’t remember doing something wrong.

Ben questions why Jordan is doing this to him. Jordan says she loves him and wants him to check himself back into the hospital. Ben asks if she means he will be safe or everyone will be safe from him. Ben tells Jordan he will never go back there. Ben tells Jordan he’s not going anywhere until he finds Ciara. Jordan asks what Ben did, and he tells her about that deal with Claire. Ben tells Jordan how Ciara felt about his betrayal. Jordan says that is why Ciara went to South Africa. Jordan tells him Abby told her.

Jordan looks at Ben, and he tells her someone is setting him up. Jordan asks Ben to sit down, and she tells him he has a lot of enemies in town, someone could be framing him. Ben tells Jordan about Ciara reaching out to him and needing help. Ben tells Jordan he understands why she went to Abby. Ben tells Jordan he’s not interested in hurting anyone. Ben says he will find Ciara and Charlotte and he will prove it to her and the whole town. Jordan hugs him and says she will call him tomorrow and leaves. Ben stares at the door as Jordan walks away. Jordan and Kate bump into each other in the park and Jordan drops her bag. Kate sees the contents. Meanwhile Ben finds Ciara’s phone planted in his room as Hope and Eli knock on the door.

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