Coronation Street’s Cassie Bradley Relishes Playing ‘Baddie’ Natalie, More Trouble Ahead For Nick

Coronation Street Spoilers: Natalie Watkins (Cassie Bradley) Natalie Watkins, portrayed by Cassie Bradley, is back on “Coronation Street” and her return means trouble not just for Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) but for other residents of the cobbles as well.

Bradley joined “Coronation Street” in January 2019. She was in cahoots with Nick in defrauding his grandmother of £80,000. When she returned to Corrie, everyone knew that she’d bring nothing but trouble. The conman is now the “keeper of secrets” and she’s enjoying the power that all these secrets have given her.

Bradley warns that nobody is safe for as long as Natalie is around. “But with Natalie, you never know. She could go in any direction, depending on who pushes her buttons, who maybe looks at her in the wrong way and who lights that firework. Everyone needs to watch out,” she said, in an interview with Stuff Co.

Coronation Street News – Natalie Watkins Is A Rough Diamond

She describes her character as a “rough diamond” as well as sparky, impulsive, and unpredictable. She causes sparks to fly whenever she’s around Nick and David Tilsley (Jack P. Shepherd). They think they know how Natalie’s mind works, but they don’t.

According to Bradley, “Nick and David never know how to read her – she’d be amazing at poker. She’s a bit like a duck; on the surface, she looks calm, but underneath she’s going at a hundred miles an hour. She’s always looking at how she can manipulate a situation and make something of it.”

She also explained Natalie’s behavior. Bradley goes on to say that her character is not bad. Her being manipulative and a chancer could all boil down to the hard life that she had to go through.

Bradley also hinted that among all the characters in “Coronation Street,” Nick has the most to lose from Natalie’s return. She came back to haunt Nick. She’s now blackmailing him after realizing that he benefitted the most from what they did and now she wants more.

Coronation Street News – Nick Tilsley Tries To Silence Her

“She’s in a very powerful position. She has all of that information on Nick, and while she’s not malicious, she’s very clever at turning every situation to her own gain.”

Nick tries to silence Natalie by employing her in his barbershop and giving her all the menial tasks. But what Nick failed to understand is that what he’s doing to her is not enough to bring her down and he better watch out.

A few months may have passed since she debuted on “Coronation Street,” but Bradley still feels excited. “Stepping on to the iconic cobbles has been surreal, but also brilliant. I watched it growing up with my gran, so to be a part of it, walk down The Street and square off to Nick has been amazing.”

Bradley is also known for her role as Leigh-Anne Carr in “Casualty.” And Jinty Morgan in “The Coroner.”

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