Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick Has Another Mystery Woman, David Takes Revenge Against Audrey

Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick Has Another Mystery Woman, David Takes Revenge Against Audrey Nick’s (Ben Price) relationship with Leanne will be on the rocks once again as it is discovered that Nick is keeping another secret from his partner. Late last year, it was revealed that he had a secret wife, Elsa, (Kelly Harrison) and it nearly cost him his relationship with Leanne. (Jane Danson) Their bond will once again be tested as Leanne finds out that a woman keeps on looking for Nick, “Coronation Street” spoilers tease.

Leanne happily receives a lavish gift from Nick, a diamond necklace. Excited and feeling loved, she takes a picture of herself wearing the necklace and posts it online. What she doesn’t know is that her selfie angers Nick’s soon-to-be ex-wife. Elsa visits Nick and warns her that she has seen the photo. She decides to delay their divorce, thinking that Nick has more money than what he has admitted.

Meanwhile, Natalie who works as a waitress in Nick’s restaurant in Nottingham confronts him about something. Nick struggles to get rid of Natalie but Leanne spots the two of them talking. Nick is not only under the gun to meet Elsa’s demands but also over Leanne’s nagging questions about Natalie. He immediately comes up with a lie. He tells Leanne that Natalie is his divorce solicitor and he had to consult her about Elsa’s reduced settlement offer.

Leanne falls for it and apologizes to Nick for distrusting him. He manages to get away with his lie for now but what will he do when Leanne finds out the truth? Who is Natalie? What does she want with Nick?

Meanwhile, David (Jack P. Shepherd) feels vengeful after he receives successive bad news about the future of the salon. David’s (Sue Nicholls) shot at managing the salon was taken away from him when his gran Audrey changed her mind about retiring after Lewis’ death and her inheritance money stolen.

Not only did he miss his chance to take over the business but he’ll soon find out that Audrey has decided to sell her share of the salon to Claudia. (Rula Lenska) Outraged by the news, David grabs the nearest salon products and squirts them all over Audrey. But that’s not the end of it. David makes a plan to quit his job and start a barber shop with Nick Tilsley, rivaling Audrey’s salon.

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