Coronation Street Spoilers: David Takes The Heat For His Brother’s Crime

Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) - David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) On “Coronation Street,” reports reveal that David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) will find himself being accused of stealing Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) £80,000. This was the inheritance money left by Archie Shuttleworth (Roy Hudd). However, the cash disappeared. The real culprit, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) will have a hand on David’s current problem as he tries to pin the blame on his half-brother.

“Nick throws David under the bus to save himself. He lies to the cops that it was his brother who stole Audrey’s cash and tells them David was raped to make it seem like he is not thinking straight,” according to a source who spoke with The Sun.

“It’s all-out war between the two of them. Not only has Nick blamed his brother for a crime he didn’t commit, he stoops really low by using the rape ordeal as a reason for the robbery.”

Coronation Street Spoilers – David Platt Needs To Clear His Name

David will have a hard time clearing his name as the only person who knows the truth, Natalie Watkins (Cassie Bradley), goes missing.

Natalie helped Nick steal the money and her absence is giving Nick the upper hand while complicating things for David. Viewers may recall that Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) stood by her boyfriend who insisted that he was innocent.

Where is Natalie now? Is she still alive? Or did Nick cross a line just to save himself? In this storyline, “Coronation Street” is preparing Nick as he becomes one of the soap’s villains for the first time. However, the soap’s bosses have not yet made a comment regarding the said reports.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Nick Tilsey Was Recently Arrested

Viewers may recall that Nick was recently arrested after the missing health and safety report into the Underworld roof collapse was found under Nick’s mattress.

The Underworld roof collapse was investigated by Wayne Hayes (Adam Barlow). He made his way back to “Coronation Street” as the health and safety inspector who was tasked to find the real cause of the roof collapse.

Nick claims that he didn’t know it was there and that the report was planted to make him look guilty. Despite his resistance, the authorities took him in for allegedly working with Carla over the roof collapse. But he was eventually released by the police.

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