Coronation Street Spoilers: Audrey Roberts Makes Big Decision Over Nick And David

Coronation Street Spoilers-- David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price)

On “Coronation Street,” Audrey Roberts makes a shocking decision that she will no longer retract her decision after initially saying she would do so after talking to Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) and Ken Barlow (William Roache). She changed her mind after Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) made a half-hearted apology to her and insincere tribute to Lewis.

What does this mean for David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) and Nick? Will they go to prison for what they’ve done? If so, will they survive life in jail? Recent pictures showed Nick and David attending court so that means she really wants to teach them a lesson.

Coronation Street Spoilers– David Confesses Everything

Viewers may recall that David confessed to Audrey what really happened to her missing money. He decided to come clean before she hears it from someone else. Audrey was shocked when she found out that it was his grandson Nick who took her money and used it to put up the barber shop with David.

In an interview, Nicholls teased, “Gail has let those boys get away with so much over the years, at this stage Audrey is feeling very hurt and the fact that Gail will probably try and back the boys it is like opening that wound again. She had reconciled with her family when they were so against her and Lewis being together, then when she thought he had stolen from her she had to make up with her family. At the heart of this Audrey has had wrong done to her by her own family.”

Coronation Street Spoilers– Nick And David’s Fate Isn’t Known Yet

Nicholls continued that what hurt Audrey the most was not losing the money but the fact that her loved ones let her think that the man she loved was able to do this despicable act. The money can be repaid, but Nick and David can never undo the damage they caused to the name of the person she loved.

So when she learned about the betrayal, she immediately called the police. Since then, Nick and David have been at odds and they both have given different statements to the police. They were not only at each other’s throats but they were also pointing fingers at each other over whose fault it really was.

Gail begs Audrey to drop the charges for the sake of their family while Ken tells her that the only solution is forgiveness. Just when she’s finally ready to retract her statement, Nick messes things up, which makes Audrey think that she made the right decision to report what they did to the police.

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