Coronation Street Jennie McAlpine Dishes On Her Future As Fiz Stape

Coronation Street News: Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine)Jennie McAlpine, known for her role as Fiz Stape on “Coronation Street,” opens up about her future on the soap. The actress is currently on maternity leave after giving birth to her second child, Hilda.

In an interview with the Humans of XS Manchester, she said she’s been with Coronation Street for 17 years and has loved every second of it. When asked about her future plans, Jennie was quick to answer that she wants to stay on Coronation Street for as long as possible.

Although she considers acting on the soap the easiest job in the world, she’s definitely not making the mistake of taking it for granted because if she does, she fears the “writers might have other ideas one day.”

Coronation Street News – McAlpine Loves Playing The Role Of Fiz Stape

She is determined to continue playing her character for as long as some Coronation Street legends did like Jean Alexander, Eileen Derbyshire, and Bill Roach. If other actors would like to take on different roles, McAlpine said she is “fine playing this one character.”

“It was such an honour to know Tony Warren [the show’s creator]. When I got the part it was just supposed to be for four episodes. I was still working in Boots,” she added.

Well, that says it all. Viewers of Coronation Street have not yet seen the last of Fiz. She will be back on screen soon. McAlpine has been offscreen after having her second baby in October 2018.

Coronation Street News – Hilda’s Birth A Lot Easier Than Hope’s

Fortunately, she was way calmer when she gave birth to Hilda compared to what Fiz had to go through when she gave birth to Hope during the great tram crash that happened in 2010.

She and her husband Chris Farr named their baby girl Hilda, after one of Coronation Street’s legendary character Hilda Ogden, who was portrayed by Jean Alexander for 20 years.

Jennie’s first-born was also named after a Corrie character, Albert Tatlock, who was on the show between 1960 and 1984. As of now, Jennie is enjoying her time off work as she gets to bond with her husband Chris and their two kids Hilda and Albert.

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