The Young and the Restless Recap Friday, August 10: Cane Makes A Shocking Move

The Young and the Restless Recap Friday, August 10: Cane Makes A Shocking Move“The Young and the Restless” (YR) recap for Friday, August 10, 2018 reveals that Nate Hastings (Brooks Darnell) goes to Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) apartment with a package that was left over at Neil Winters’ (Kristoff St. John) place.

Devon Gets A Surprise

They notice it was for Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan). The box has baby clothes in it and Devon can picture Hilary shopping for them. Nate sees a letter in the box and realizes Hilary did not buy them and that they are from her fans.

At Hamilton-Winters Group, Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) assures Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil) that a judge will see that the wreck was an accident. Lily wants to spend as much time as she can with Cane, the twins, and baby Sam before she goes to prison. Cane leaves and gets a call in which he tells the caller he will see them soon.

The Abbott’s Aren’t Impressed with Billy

At the Dive Bar, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) tells Summer Newman (Hunter King) that her mother is not interested in him. He suggests that she stay out of other people’s love lives.

In the dining room, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) try to make Phyllis Summers (Gina Tognoni) see that having Jabotique is too risky. Ashley feels Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) did not want their input because they would have too many reasons not to do it.

Ashley says she will not let Billy risk her family’s business. Phyllis points out the business is doing better since Billy took over. Ashley tells Kyle to keep an eye on Phyllis and leaves. Kyle meets Jack at the bar and fills him in on Ashley and Phyllis’ bickering. Kyle thinks he and Jack should be running Jabot. He vows to make it happen.

Back up at the Dive Bar, Kyle bickers with Summer Newman about Billy gambling with Jabot’s assets. Then tells her nothing happened between Jack and Phyllis. Summer makes a bet with Kyle that she can get Billy into bed by the end of the month. If Summer wins, she gets Kyle’s sports car, if Kyle wins, he gets Summer.

Jack And Phyllis Discuss Their Feelings

Over at Jabot, Jack Abbott apologizes to Phyllis Summers for what he did. Then tells her Summer Newman told him she missed him. Phyllis believes that she set them up.

Phyllis points out that Summer knows she is with Billy. Phyllis then tears up and tells Jack she thought he hated her. Jack did for a while, but underneath he never stopped loving her. Jack is glad they got things straightened out before he leaves town.

Cane Attacks Devon

At Crimson Lights, Cane Ashby meets with Mattie Ashby (Lexie Stevenson). Mattie informs him that Charlie Ashby (Noah Alexander) is blaming himself for going over to meet Shauna Nelson (Camryn Hamm). She wants the facts about her mother’s situation. She realizes it is serious, but Cane does not want her to worry.

Cane Ashby goes to Devon Hamilton’s place to plead with him. He begs him to come to the hearing and stop this. Devon plans to be there and says he is going to tell the judge to give Lily the maximum punishment and she can watch her kids grow up from behind bars.


Cane takes a swing at Devon and Nate Hastings throws him down to the ground. The situation is diffused. Cane leaves. Nate says he would have done what Cane did.

Mattie Ashby goes and joins her mother at Hamilton-Winters Group. She tells her mom she went online to find out what she is facing. Lily tries to assure her Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) is handling it. In the dining room, Jack Abbott and Cane Ashby chat. Jack advises Cane to give Devon some time. He has to do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Ashley’s Sneaky Plan

Cane phones someone and tells them he needs their help. Afterwards, Jack runs into Ashley Abbott who wants him to use Dark Horse to buy the leasing company Jabot’s using and cancel the leases on Billy Abbott’s boutiques. She then adds to save Jabot. Jack promises to look into it.

Cane’s Shocking Move

In a hotel room, Cane Ashby pulls out passports from a drawer and phones to book five one-way flights to Australia to leave tomorrow. And that’s a wrap. Don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your soap needs.

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