Neighbours Weekly Spoilers: Ultimatums – Thief Busted – Schemes Blow Up – Life Or Death Situations

Neighbours Weekly Spoilers: Ultimatums - Thief Busted - Schemes Blow Up - Life Or Death SituationsNeighbours spoilers tease that the week of Monday March 5 is one for the record books and fans of the Aussie soap opera won’t want to miss a moment of the drama on Ramsay Street.

Monday 5th March

  • Susan gives Karl an ultimatum – if he father’s Izzy’s baby their marriage is over. Realising she’s serious, Karl turns Izzy down, much to her annoyance. Izzy tries to make Karl jealous by hooking up with Mark, but he doesn’t take the bait.
  • The West Waratah Star has published a story claiming that the developers of Robinson Heights scammed innocent residents. Although it wasn’t Paul’s fault, the story could be very harmful. Leo switches into full damage control and does everything he can to protect the family business.
  • Elsewhere, David confronts Rafael, asking if he accidently let slip about Robinson Heights, but he denies. To ensure that David gets off his case, Rafael kisses him.

Tuesday 6th March

  • After finding out that there is a sample of Karl’s sperm at the hospital, Izzy decides that she will steal it and artificially inseminate herself. Realising that something dodgy is happening, Holly begs her mum to stop playing games.
  • Amy reluctantly agrees to sack Jayden from the development site, but she quickly comes up with an idea. She offers him an apprenticeship, which he gladly accepts!
  • Elsewhere, Ben feels lost. He’s struggling without Tyler and his inability to really bond with Mark only makes this harder. Steph suggests that he should visit his family in Oakey – maybe the change of scenery will give him chance to think about his future.

Wednesday 7th March

  • After Holly finds the empty vial in her mother’s bag, Izzy is forced to admit that she stole Karl’s sperm and has used it in attempt to get pregnant. Holly threatens to tell Karl and Susan, but eventually agrees to stay quiet as long as her mother donates to the hospital anyway.
  • Ben’s uncle offers him an apprenticeship at his garage… in Oakey. This means leaving not only Erinsborough, but Xanthe too. Can he do it?
  • Sheila offers Shane a job at The Waterhole, much to his delight. However, she’s proving to be a difficult boss.

 Thursday 8th March

  • Tim Collins is pressuring Piper into giving him the interview that was promised to him before the trial. Though Piper initially refuses because it was her mother that made the deal, she uses the opportunity to blame her mum for everything. Piper instantly regrets this, but cannot convince Tim not to publish. She turns to Gary, who intimidates Tim into pulling the interview.
  • Ben returns home still unsure about what to do. Elly talks to Mark, letting him know what’s going on. Knowing Ben doesn’t feel that comfortable with him, Mark tries to make the work environment more supportive – but it only turns out worse.
  • Shane begins to worry when Sheila totally forgets about a bet the two of them made. Should her memory be a cause for concern?

Friday 9th March

  • Yashvi asks Toadie, Jack and Mark to help her with her kicking. Tensions are obviously high between Jack and Mark, which causes Mark to kick the ball at him in frustration. However, he miskicks, and the ball sends Gabe’s pram – with him in it – into the lake.
  • After messing with Tim, Gary’s kitchen is shut down by the council as it has been deemed ‘unsafe’. Steph is furious that Gary has damaged her business, so he decides to try fix the situation by serving the food using a food cart that Shane has been working on. Steph is impressed and so turns Gary’s trial at The Flame Tree into a full time job.
  • Aaron comes up with a plan to try to reunite Piper and Terese. However, it backfires when Piper accuses Terese of setting up the plan, so Aaron has to confess. He urges her to give her mother a chance, and his push is the final push Piper needs to make peace.

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