Neighbours Weekly Spoilers: Shocking Discoveries, Shady Schemes, And Massive Guilt Trips

Neighbours Weekly Spoilers: Shocking Discoveries, Shady Schemes, And Massive Guilt TripsNeighbours spoilers for the week of February 12th tease that Aussie soap fans are in for a treat, and you won’t want to miss a moment of all of the Erinsborough drama, plus a special bonus episode!

Monday 12th February

  • Adrian Syder delivers a catering van to Tyler, ordering him to put on fake plates and create a false floor so that Philip Banks can hide inside.
  • Expecting Aaron to soon collect a tyre for The Shed, Tyler calls him, fearing he will turn up and see the van. Tyler decides to deliver the tyre for him instead, but is shocked to find Aaron collapsed from dehydration. Tyler is torn between helping his brother and fulfilling Adrian’s orders.
  • Toadie is disheartened by the short guest list for his 21st birthday party. So, brother Shane steps in, convincing many old friends and the Rebecchi family to attend!
  • Elsewhere, Karl is growing angrier of Paul’s control over the hospital wing. Karl therefore tries to withdraw his and Susan’s deposit, hoping to use it as a bargaining chip.

 Monday 12th February – Late night special

Instead of going to Toadie’s party, Piper surprises Tyler with a romantic night in a city hotel, so they can spend their last night together in peace. However, when there she persuades him that this doesn’t have to be their last night together – they could run away together.

  • Later, their plans are halted when someone reports them to the police and a chase ensues. Tyler jumps from rooftop to rooftop and Piper follows, but she slips and ends up hanging on for her life. The police eventually catch up and save Piper, but arrest Tyler who is sent to jail for 20 years.
  • Back on the street, Izzy returns dressed as a Spice Girl, but is knocked over by Susan’s car.
  • A mystery stranger seems very interested in Toadie’s party and later breaks into Paul’s apartment. The stranger is Rafael Humpreys, an English tourist who has a score to settle with Paul.
  • The party itself is a great success, and sees the return of Stu Parker, Lance Wilkinson and Stonie Rebecchi. However, the mood is ruined when Sindi Watts shows up to tell Toadie that Andrea Sommers is back in town.

 Tuesday 13th February

  • Izzy reveals that she has been widowed, inheriting a huge amount of money. Using this, she decides that she will donate five million dollars to the new hospital wind if she can name it after Karl.
  • Paige and Jack are burdened with guilt after sleeping together and decide to be honest to their partners. Yet when Paige sees how upset Mark is over Tyler’s sentencing, she doesn’t have the heart, so asks Jack if they can keep it secret.

 Wednesday 14th February

  • Susan refuses to believe that Izzy’s gesture was a way of making up for her past mistakes, believing she has another agenda. This angers Karl – who is desperate to have the hospital wing named after him – and there is much tension between the couple.
  • Elly and Amy agree to spend Valentine’s day together as they’re still committed to their celibacy pact.
  • Elsewhere, Sheila is left wanting when her staff call in sick. Clive comes to the rescue, but doesn’t do a great job. Rafael also agrees to help and impresses Sheila so much that she offers him a job.

Thursday 15th February

  • While Stu and Toadie are touring Erinsborough, Stu is stunned to learn that Ben is Drew and Libby’s son. Toadie invites Ben to go back to the house with them, where he is initiated into the House of Trouser. While there, Ben realises there is a lot he doesn’t know about his dad. For that reason, Stu invited him to join him in Oakey for a visit.
  • Elsewhere, Toadie wonders what to do with the telephone number Sindi gave him – Should he call Andrea?

Friday 16th February

  • Paige’s decision to stay away from Jack hits a bump when she and Mark arrive at a camp site to find Jack and Steph already there.
  • After being given a workplace bullying warning by Leo, Amy vents to Mishti. When she confronts Leo, he has to avoid questions that could involve police intervention.
  • Sheila is planning a romantic evening with Clive, but finds Gary cleaning the hot tub. With Sheila panicking he gives her some advice – leave the past in the past and start afresh.

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