Neighbours Spoilers Week Of February 26: Romance’s In The Air, Shocking Confessions, And Apologies

Neighbours spoilers for the week of Monday February 26 tease a week full of action packed episodes and must-see drama.  Neighbours fans will not want to miss the Erinsborough happenings, be sure to set your DVR’s!

Monday 26th February

  • When Karl visits Izzy to pick up some paperwork she asks him to stay, declaring she has something important to ask him. She finally reveals why she’s back – she wants another baby and she wants Karl to be the father.
  • Elsewhere, Mark and Aaron are terrified when they find out that Banks is getting out of solitary confinement tomorrow. They know that Tyler’s life is in danger so they approach Toadie to ask for a prison transfer for him. However, Tyler insists he doesn’t want to move away from his family and friends. Desperate, his brothers contact Adrian, begging him to keep Banks in check. Adrian agrees to arrange this on one condition – they finish organizing the getaway car for Banks.
  • Later, Ben is shocked when he finds Aaron about to fulfil Adrian’s demands. He decides to visit Tyler in prison and make him aware of what his brother is going to do. For this reason, Ben insists that Tyler takes the transfer to another prison.
  • Paige believes that Mark is keeping his space because of her family crisis, and Jack says exactly the right things to reassure Paige. After all their drama, he’s still the only one who is able to cheer her up.

Tuesday 27th February

  • Karl is stunned by Izzy’s proposition, but she assures him that it’s not about getting him back – she wants another child who is a biological sibling for Holly. Karl later tells Susan, who assumes that Karl said no. Yet when Karl hesitates, she realizes that he is in fact considering it.
  • Elsewhere, Piper and Mark are confused when Toadie tells them that Tyler has opted to go through with the transfer to prison in Adelaide. Aaron isn’t confused though, he realizes that Ben must have told Tyler about their deal with Adrian. Tyler confirms this, and the brothers head to prison to say goodbye.
  • Meanwhile, Piper is desperate to get into the prison to say goodbye to Tyler, so decides to pretend to be Paige. But on the way there her car breaks down and she’s stuck on the side of the road; her last attempt to see Tyler is ruined.

Wednesday February 26

  • Karl decides that he must know how Izzy’s request will affect her donation to the hospital. He was right to ask – the donation won’t go through unless he accepts the offer. Susan confides in Elly, telling her that she is worried that Karl is tempted by the idea of another child, but hopes that he will put their relationship first. When Karl returns home to tell her that he hasn’t yet said yes or no Susan is upset, so relegates Karl to the couch for the night.
  • Preparations for Gabe’s naming day are awkward, especially when Mark see’s the spark between Paige and Jack. With Karl and Susan’s situation in mind, Mark realizes that Paige and Jack will always have a bond because of Gabe. He therefore makes the tough decision to dump Paige once and for all, leaving her devastated.

 Thursday 1st March 

  • It’s Gabe’s naming day celebration and Neighbours spoilers tease Paige can’t help think of Jack in a romantic way again, particularly after his declaration of love. She confides in her mother Lauren, who reminds her that, like her and Brad, from old romances can come true love and happiness.
  • Later, Paige approaches Jack and tells him that she wants to give their relationship another go, as long as they take it slowly.
  • Meanwhile, Piper goes out of her way twice to publicly humiliate Terese. Hurt, she decides to turn to drink. When she later sees her daughter she tries to run after her, but falls in the Lassiters pond instead.
  • Elsewhere Aaron gives Rafael guidance, offering to help him talk about his problems. When Rafael doesn’t say much, Aaron suggests he tries to channel his anger in other ways. With this help, Neighbours spoilers tease Rafael goes back to David and asks for a second chance. David is pleased, but doesn’t know Rafael’s true intentions.

.Friday 2nd March 

  • Paige and Jack go on a date at Neighbours’ The Waterhole. Jack confides in Paige that he wants to ‘live in the moment,’ so she challenges him to join the theatre group that Dipi is forming. Jack agrees, after which he and Paige have an intimate moment. The moment is quickly over though once they spot Steph glaring at them.
  • Being a good boyfriend, Gary approaches Piper and asks her to forgive her mother. Piper concedes and apologizes for the public humiliation, but she says she is not sure if she’ll ever forgive her. It’s not what Terese wanted – but it’s progress.
  • When David mentions that the original residents of the Robinson development, Rafael becomes interested. He searches through Paul’s files, where he finds information on the sale of Robinson Heights, which he uploads onto the West Waratah Star. Paul is exposed and is about to face a PR hell storm.

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