Neighbours Spoilers: Shane Rebecchi’s Tragic Accident

Neighbours Spoilers: Shane Rebecchi's Tragic AccidentNeighbours is finally returning to our screens next week, but trouble is ahead for Shane Rebecchi who suffers a nasty accident while protecting youngest daughter Kirsha.

Kirsha Rebecchi (Vani Dhir) has been struggling a lot since losing her hearing in a horrifying firework accident last year on Neighbours. Her older sister Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) had been planning a romantic firework display for her friends when Kirsha accidentally set the fireworks alight, suffering permanent damage.

Before Neighbours finished for Christmas we watched the young teen battling with loneliness, isolation and anxiety following the news that her hearing would not return. After finding a leaflet about sign language in her mothers handbag, Kirsha has been learning Auslan – the sign language of the Australian deaf community. However, the teens self-confidence is at an all-time low and any simple mistake leaves her feeling hopeless.

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Afraid of being mocked, Neighbours spoilers tease that Kirsha refuses to attend an event held by Deaf Children Australia, saying she is too scared and not ready to attend. Eventually though her father Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) convinces her to go, giving her some fatherly encouragement and a renewed confidence. This isn’t the only thing viewers will see Shane do to support his daughter.

When some of the family are leaving Harold’s store, Kirsha accidentally steps out into the path of Jimmy’s (Darcy Tadich) speeding bike. Unable to hear him approaching or calling out for her to move, she is about to be struck by his bike.

Supporting his daughter again – and doing what any good father would naturally do – Shane dives in front of his daughter and right in front of Jimmy’s speeding bike. It’s a dangerous and risky move, but he had to protect Kirsha who was totally oblivious of the danger.


The high-impact collision leaves Shane laying on the ground and Kirsha shaken by what has occurred and how close she was to being injured again. With her Dad on the floor unable to move, she can’t help but feel guilty.

Will Shane be okay? Tune into Neighbours as it returns next week, Monday 8th January!

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