General Hospital RECAP Wednesday, October 3: Carly Wants A Session With Kevin, Felicia Is In Danger

General Hospital RECAP Wednesday, October 3: Carly Wants A Session With Kevin, Felicia Is In DangerGeneral Hospital’s Wednesday October 3 recap begins with Carly (Laura Wright) tells Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) to come on she is going to be late for school.  Jocelyn tells Carly she isn’t going to school.  Jocelyn tells Carly that Oscar (Garren Stitt) broke up with her.  Jocelyn is confused that Oscar needs space from her.

Jocelyn Tells Carly About The Breakup

Jocelyn tells Carly she knows she loves Oscar or it wouldn’t hurt so much.  Carly tries to explain to Jocelyn that Oscar is going through something.  Carly tells Jocelyn to cry over this and get over this.  Carly promises Jocelyn that she will get through this because it isn’t her fault. Jocelyn tells Carly that she can’t see Oscar today.

Carly lets Jocelyn stay home and tells her she loves her. Cameron (William Lipton) joins Jocelyn at home.  Jocelyn tells Cameron that Oscar broke up with her, Cameron is stunned.  Jocelyn wants Cameron to tell her why Oscar did it. Later Carly bumps into “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom); she wants to discuss Ferncliff. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) agrees to set up and appointment with Carly this week after going off about morse code.  Carly runs into Kim (Tamara Braun) on the way out and wants to talk about Oscar.  Carly tells Kim that Oscar broke up with Jocelyn. Kim tells Carly she doesn’t know anything about the breakup.  Kim tells Carly that Oscar is going through something right now.

Oscar Swears Cameron To Secrecy

General Hospital’s  Oscar gives Cameron his book report.  Oscar tells Cameron that he doesn’t need it. Oscar tells Cameron to dumb the paper down a little bit and change things around.  Oscar tells Cameron he was right about cancer.  Oscar tells Cameron that everyone besides him knew.  Cameron doesn’t know what to say. Oscar tells Cameron that he doesn’t care about school anymore.


Oscar tells Cameron that Jocelyn doesn’t know. Cameron tells Oscar that Jocelyn deserves to know and urges him to be honest.  Cameron tells Jocelyn that he has no idea what is going on.  Oscar saved his grade, so he didn’t pressure him. Jocelyn accuses Cameron of holding back. Jocelyn accuses Cameron of protecting her.  Jocelyn assumes there is another girl. Jocelyn wants Cameron to help her get Oscar back.

Oscar Wants To Leave School

General Hospitals’  Drew (Billy Miller) meets with Kim, and they discuss Oscar.  Oscar went to school today, Kim is upset that Oscar isn’t talking to her.  Drew and Kim meet with Monica (Leslie Charleston) and tell her about Oscar’s tumor.  Drew and Kim tell Monica about the protocol.  Monica asks to see Oscar’s reports to bring her up to speed.  Monica tries to remain positive about Oscar’s tumor.  Monica assures Drew they will get through this together. Monica tries to reassure Drew.  Oscar comes back to the hospital, Drew wants to know why he isn’t in school.  Oscar asks what the point is in being in school.  Oscar tells Drew he’s dropping out of school.  Drew wants Oscar to plan for his future.

Curtis Tells Nina He Wanted To Protect Her

General Hospital’s Maxie (Kirsten Storms) goes to see Nina (Michelle Stafford) and give her Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) warning. Curtis (Donnell Turner) comes to see Nina, and she wants to know why he didn’t tell her. Curtis tells Nina that he wasn’t sure of Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) motives.  Curtis explains how he found Sasha.  Nina shows Curtis the necklace, and he says Sasha (Sophie Mattsson) never mentioned a necklace. Curtis gets a call about the other set of lab results. Maxie thinks Curtis is searching for Liesl, but Nina tells her no, he found someone else.  Nina tells Maxie that Curtis found her daughter.

Felicia Wants To Leave Town

General Hospital’s Felicia (Kristina Wagner) comes by to see Maxie. Felicia wants to take a mother-daughter trip with Maxie.  Felicia tells Maxie she needs a break from the Ryan Chamberlain story.  Maxie tells Felicia she needs to go on this trip with Mac (John J. York), not her. Maxie can fight off the reporters.   Felicia goes to the hospital and asks Ryan if he can make some time for her. Ryan asks Felicia to come to his office.

Lulu Gives Laura Puzzling News

General Hospital’s  Laura (Genie Frances) checks on “Kevin.”  Ryan slept in the guest room to keep from making Laura sick. Ryan plans on going to work today.  Laura wants him to take the day off, but he refuses.  Laura gives him a photo of them together at the Eiffel Tower.  Ryan brings the tie Laura asks for and considers strangling her. Lulu (Emme Rylan) shows up at Kevin’s to see Laura. Ryan leaves to go to work. Lulu tells Laura about the story on Faison.  Laura tells Lulu that Kevin was worried about the anniversary.  Lulu tells Laura how much insight Kevin has given her.  Laura is happy to be home.

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