General Hospital RECAP Wednesday, October 10: Margaux Attempts To Bribe Drew, Kim Gets Real With Oscar

General Hospital RECAP Wednesday, October 10: Margaux Attempts To Bribe Drew, Kim Gets Real With Oscar General Hospital’s Wednesday October 10 recap begins with Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) looking at her and Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) photo, Cameron (William Lipton) tells her she needs to let him go. Jocelyn tells Cameron that Oscar is in pain and is punishing them. Jocelyn tells Cameron that she went to Kim as well. Cameron meet Oscar and tries to convince him to stop hurting Jocelyn. Cameron tells Oscar he needs to get over himself. Oscar wants to be remembered as Jocelyn’s first love, not the boy she watched die.

Oscar Attempt To Push Jocelyn Away

Cameron agrees to help Oscar one more time, only if this doesn’t work, Oscar comes clean to Jocelyn. Cameron tells Oscar he makes no sense, they shake on the deal. Oscar shows Cameron is phone and wants him to doctor something for him. Later, while with Jocelyn, Cameron gets a text of Oscar and another girl. Jocelyn is visibly upset. Oscar falls against the fence in the park and says goodbye to Jocelyn.


Kim Tells Oscar She Would Force Him To Have Treatment

General Hospital’s Oscar shows up at the hospital to see Kim (Tamara Braun). Oscar tries to rush off but Kim tells him he’s not getting by with cutting off the people who loves him. Kim tells Oscar that he isn’t dying. Kim urges Oscar to make every moment count. Kim tells Oscar that he needs the emotional support and it could help treatment. Kim tells Oscar that he is wasting time with people who love him. Oscar tries to tell Kim this is his life and should be his choice.

Kim will do whatever it takes for Oscar to have a future. Oscar demands to know if Kim would make him go through a procedure that he doesn’t want. Kim will do whatever it takes to save his life. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) joins Kim and she explains her argument with Oscar. Liz thinks that Drew (Billy Miller) can get through to Oscar. Kim explains that Oscar holds Drew as responsible as her. Julian tells Kim that he ran into Oscar.

Julian tells Kim that he ran into Oscar and offered to be there for him too. Kim tells Julian that she has fallen for him, he fell for her a long time ago. Kim tells Julian that she told Oscar the same thing. Julian tells Kim he had a break through with Oscar.

Oscar Needs Cam’s Help

General Hospital’s Oscar leaves and runs into Julian (William DeVry) in the park. Julian wonders what is wrong, Oscar doesn’t want to tell him. Oscar thanks Julian for looking out for his mom. Julian tells Oscar that he cares about him. Julian tells Oscar that you can move on but never truly be ok. Julian tells Oscar the making up with people is not as easy as making up other mistakes.

Mike Likes The Daycare Facility

General Hospital’s Mike (Max Gail) is at the MetroCourt with Stella (Vernee Watson) and Carly (Laura Wright). Mike calls Drew over to his table. Mike introduces Drew to Stella and Carly and warns him against Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Mike questions what Drew is doing with Margaux, Carly wonders that same thing. Mike is shaking badly while they wait to check out the daycare center.

Carly, Mike, and Stella come home and tells Sonny about the facility. Mike is excited because they have cards. Mike wants to start this week, Stella agrees to take him. Carly tells Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) about Drew and Margaux’ breakfast meeting. Jason tells Carly that none of his memories are admissible in court.

Jason and Sonny Talk Strategy

General Hospital’s Jason shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny tells Jason about Margaux’s father being buried near Morgan. Jason tells Sonny this is a personal grudge and they need to be very careful. Jason thinks they needs to be proactive, not go on the defensive.

Sonny asks how Jason thinks they can back Margaux off. Jason tells Sonny he has Spinelli working on this. Jason tells Sonny they need to prove that Margaux’s father wasn’t the hero she thought he was. Jason wants to show Margaux that her father loved that money and the mob life.
Finn Releases His Father

General Hospital’s Gregory (James Read) has chronic lime disease. Finn (Michael Easton) gives Gregory a course of treatment for his doctor in California. Gregory wants to stay in Port Charles for his sons. Gregory’s only regret is the pain his marriage has caused both Finn and his stepmom. Finn suggests meditation and exercise as well as herbs. Gregory tells Finn his wife as been amazing. Gregory says Finn is all that has been missing. Finn tells Gregory he sent his number for the doctor in California. Chase (Josh Swickard) tells Finn his mom says thank you for helping Gregory.

Margaux Needs Drew’s Help

General Hospital’s Drew asks Margaux what she wanted to talk about. Margaux tells Drew he’s not the only one who needs a friend. Margaux begs Drew to help the person who has missed their father their whole life. Margaux wants just one memory to try and come up with probable cause to go after Sonny and Jason.

Drew tells Margaux he has no desire to get any closer to Jason’s memories, he is trying to distance himself from them. Margaux says Sonny had to have made a mistake somewhere. Drew tells Margaux that he can’t help her. Margaux asks if helping him would get his memories back, would he help then. Margaux tells Drew she could fix thing for Drew. Margaux tells Drew that she has the flash drive.

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