General Hospital RECAP Wednesday, June 13: Carly Drugged At Ferncliff, Jason Morgan Arrives

General Hospital RECAP Wednesday, June 13: Carly Drugged At Ferncliff, Jason Morgan Arrives“General Hospital” (GH) recap for Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Carly (Laura Wright) is set in her cell at Ferncliff telling herself to stay strong.

Carly Is Forced To Take Medication

Carly is working out in her cell when a nurse shows up to see her and is very snippy. Carly says she will set a good example because she needs to get home. The nurse mentions Morgan (Bryan Craig) along with the other two kids.

The nurse wants to face Carly’s belief that Morgan is alive head on. Carly is in the supermax wing until a room opens in the main wing. The nurse gives Carly a brochure with the rules of Ferncliff. Carly assures the nurse she doesn’t want any trouble.

The nurse tells Carly she needs to accept the doctor’s treatment and not get on her bad side. Medication is brought in to Carly, the first of many she is told. Carly questions her medications, they have her on antipsychotic meds instead of antidepressants.

Carly pretends to swallow her pills but the nurse finds them. The orderly Rupert is left with Carly. Rupert restrains Carly and the nurse force meds down her. Jason (Steve Burton) shows up for a job interview at Ferncliff, he wants the extra work. Carly is lethargic from the medication and falls onto the bed.


Nina Distracts Valentin For Sam And Curtis

Nina (Michelle Stafford) meets Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) at the Floating Rib and learns about their partnership. Curtis tells Nina he and Sam need her help to catch Heinrik (Wes Ramsey).

Sam and Curtis think Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) knows where Peter is. Nina gives Sam and Curtis the house security code so they can look for information while she keeps Valentin busy. Nina gets a text from Liesl (Kathleen Gati). Valentin joins Nina, she tells him she wants a divorce.

Valentin Gives Alexis An Album Of Her Mother

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Kiki (Hayley Erin) meet to discuss Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) article. Alexis advises Kiki to take the day off, she refuses. Alexis later goes to see Valentin, he has an album of her mother singing.

Valentin gives the record to Alexis. Valentin explains that the watch was her mother’s as well. Alexis thinks it’s odd that Valentin finds her mother’s things now. Nina calls him and needs to see him. Valentin gives Alexis a picture of her mother. Valentin tells Alexis the watch proves how much her father cared about her mother.

Kiki Calls Ava Out On

Ava (Maura West) has read the article and demands to know if Griffin (Matt Cohen) knew about it and if that’s why he and Kiki are so close. Griffin tells Ava that he just found out himself and tries to calm her.   Kiki isn’t responding to Griffin or Ava.

Ava wants to know who is harassing Kiki. Griffin tells Ava it is Kiki’s place to tell her who the offender is. Kiki joins Ava and Griffin, she can’t discuss this now, her shift is about to start. Kiki tells Ava that Alexis is representing her. Ava wants a name, she and Julian will take care of him.

Kiki tells Ava to not make a scene. Ava tries to make it about her and not Kiki. Kiki tells Ava she has her own standards. Kiki tells Ava she looks as sexy as a strategy. Ava tells Kiki she is being judgmental Kiki wants Ava to stay out of this.

Kiki tells Ava about the people attacking her on Twitter. Ava claims to be a better person because of Griffin, Kiki doesn’t believe it. Ava cries on Griffin’s shoulder about what Kiki said to her.

Franco Goes After Bensch

Franco (Roger Howarth) reads the article and is furious. Franco goes to see Bensch (James DePaiva) and confronts him about Kiki. Franco shows Bensch the paper before slamming him into a locker. Bensch threatens to have Franco arrested for assault.

Liz comes in and sees Franco and Bensch. Liz gets Franco off of Bensch but he tells her this isn’t over. Franco threatens to kill Bensch, Liz calms him down for now. Later, Liz gets congratulations call on her wedding.

Sonny And Mike Discuss Taking Care Of Family

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is on the phone with Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) he wants Carly transferred to Shadybrook. Sonny is mad and throws his phone. Jason offers to come back to talk to Sonny later, he tells him no. Sonny wants Mike’s (Max Gail) ideas to bring Carly home.

Sonny explains Carly’s issues to Mike, sometimes people need help. Sonny explains to Mike that Carly isn’t going to get the help she needs at Ferncliff. Jason says Ferncliff is worse than prison, Mike wants to break Carly out.

Sonny explains that the D.A. (Elizabeth Hendrickson) needs backing off because she is after him. Jason has an idea but will be back. Mike says Jason has ice in his veins, he works for a guy who wants his part of the world. Jason gets a paper from Liz to help Carly.

Mike wants to know why Sonny is wasting time with thugs. Mike tells Sonny not to get any ideas about locking him away. Sonny tells Mike not to worry. Mike mentions his car and trunk space.

Peter Isn’t On Spoon Island

Sam and Curtis arrive on Spoon Island to look for information on Peter. Sam shows Curtis how to get into the tunnel. Sam tells Curtis to forget coming back Peter isn’t there. Sam finds a paper with some information.

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