Emmerdale Spoilers: Who Will Die In Deadly Car Crash?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Who Will Die In Deadly Car Crash? The most shocking thing about Emmerdale’s first major stunt in the New Year will be if everyone survives the horrific car crash. But how realistic is that, soap fans?

The time has come for the bombshell event in which the White’s and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) have their epic showdown over baby Seb and his future. Will someone lose their life in the climatic fight for the right to raise the innocent infant?

Emmerdale spoilers tease that when Robert learns the White’s are about to abscond Down Under with Seb, he snatches the infant out from under them before everyone can climb into the car, and then runs off with the little guy. The Whites give chase leading to a violent crash-y climax.

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So, who is set to live or die? Lawrence White (John Bowe) is in the speeding car along with the others when Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) grabs at the steering wheel, placing the car on a collision course with a truck. Is it a coincidence that the character is being written out of Emmerdale? We think not!

Then again Lachlan has been so bad recently on Emmerdale that he may be beyond redemption. Could the rumor that he’s departing the Dales come true sooner rather than later?

Rebecca White (Emily Head) has also been on the rumor chopping block, and what better way to leave the show than in a blaze of glory, maybe by saving baby Seb’s life, but losing her own? We shall see!

Then there’s Emmerdale’s Chrissie White, played by Louise Marwood. She’s behind the wheel of the careening vehicle, which is never a good place to be when a truck is boring down on you at full speed. She’s the reason that Lachlan interferes with her driving by wrenching at the steering wheel. His actions come after learning of her interference in his love life. Is she set to die all because of a little meddling? That hardly seems fair!

Will anyone walk away from the epic stunt unscathed? Now that would be the real shocker. Stay tuned fans, anything’s possible on Emmerdale!

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