EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Mitchell’s Fate Revealed In Shocking New Episodes

EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Mitchell's Fate Revealed In Shocking New Episodes EastEnders spoilers tease the moment of truth for missing Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) is set to be revealed? His shady dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is desperate to find him after he seemingly absconded with some ill-gotten gains. The bad guys after him and their money, and its’s up to Phil to get to him first. Will he succeed?

So far Phil has come up empty handed in terms of getting his hands on the loot that he, Aiden (Patrick Bergin) and a raft of other Walford men took great pains to steal. But Phil will catch a break in the coming days when Jay (Jamie Borthwick) drops a clue as to Ben’s location.

The problem is, Phil’s not the only one searching for Ben and he’s a bit late to the party. Ciara Maguire (Denise McCormack) and Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) are also on the trail.

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How desperate will Phil get in his quest to save his son on EastEnders? He’s fearful of what Aiden will do to Ben so he makes a move to cast suspicion instead on Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood), one of the men who participated in the failed heist. What is Phil thinking, throwing a bad man like Vincent under the bus?

He has little choice since Mel has made it clear that the clock is ticking on his time to cough up the cash; if the money isn’t located stat, she’ll blow the whistle to Aiden on Ben’s activity.

But will a grieving Jay be the one to end the bloated farce on EastEnders? When Phil tries to wheedle answers out of Jay, the angry guy wants nothing to do with him. Eventually however, Jay lets loose with his emotions, telling Phil how crushed he is that Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) has died.


In his broken state, Jay relents and gives Phil his phone. He tells him that he can use it to get in touch with Ben!

But Phil doesn’t know that Mel is searching the Mitchell home for clues; who will be the first to cast the die on Ben’s fate on EastEnders?

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