Days Of Our Lives RECAP Thursday, August 9: Chad Walks Out, Stefan Threatens Steve’s Sight

Days Of Our Lives RECAP Thursday, August 9: Chad Walks Out, Stefan Threatens Steve's Sight Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, August 9, 2018 reveals,  Marlena (Deidre Hall) tells Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) she doesn’t believe Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) started the fire.

John Sees Marlena’s Dress

Marlena tells Kayla that she understands Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) feelings. Marlena and Kayla look at her old wedding dress. Kayla tells Marlena she was the most beautiful bride ever. Marlena thinks back to her first wedding to John. Marlena loves John (Drake Hogestyn) even more today. Kayla tries on her bridesmaid dress. Marlena and Kayla discuss her working with Stefan (Tyler Christopher).

Marlena wants Kayla to tell the truth. Marlena tells Kayla that Steve (Stephen Nichols) couldn’t be upset if she told him the truth. Steve calls Kayla and wants to meet at the pub. Steve wants to talk to Kayla. Kayla needs to talk to Steve too.

Marlena’s dress is beautiful. Kayla leaves to meet with Steve. John is on his way home. Stefan arrives at the Pub. Steve approaches Stefan. Kayla warns Stefan away from Abby (Marci Miller). Stefan just wants to be part of his baby’s life. Steve threatens to end Stefan. John sees Marlena’s wedding dress. Marlena tells John he’s ruined the wedding. Kayla runs into Stefan and he demands updates on the baby. Stefan threatens to take Steve’s sight away.

Hope Demands Ben Leave Town

Days of Our Lives’ Hope asks Ben about the hypnosis. Ben tells Hope she knows he set the fire. Ben tells Hope he is telling her the truth. Ben tells Hope there is nothing he can say to convince her of his innocence. Ben tells Hope that Ciara (Victoria Konefal) believes in his innocence. Hope tells him to stay the hell away from Ciara. Hope accuses Ben of being fixated on Ciara.

Hope tries to say Ben is making ways to see Ciara. Ben wants to leave the police station. Hope refuses to let Ben leave the station. Hope knows what she needs to do now. Hope could keep the case open and keep trying to find evidence. The second option is closing the case if Ben leaves town. Hope has decided to close Ben’s case. Ben will have nothing to do with her daughter anymore.

Tripp And Ciara Discuss Ben

Days Of Our Lives’ Tripp (Lucas Adams) tells Ciara he shouldn’t have opened the door. Tripp understands if she doesn’t want to pick up where they left off. Caira needs a reminder, they kiss. Ciara and Tripp are kissing, she thinks about Ben. Ciara pulls away from Tripp. Tripp asks if they are moving too fast. Ciara tells Tripp she can’t stop thinking about Ben. Tripp puts his shirt on and questions Ciara about Ben. Tripp was surprised that Ciara shared with Ben.

Tripp can’t believe Ciara trusted Ben enough to confide in him. Tripp doesn’t like that Ciara believes Ben. Ciara tells Tripp that it never made sense that Ben would try to kill her. Tripp keeps calling Ben a serial killer. Ciara defends Ben, Tripp is not being fair. Ciara and Tripp agree to disagree. Tripp promises no pressure to have sex. Ciara decides to go get some air. Ciara kisses Tripp on the cheek and leaves. Ciara meets Ben in the square. Ben tells Ciara he’s leaving Salem.

Rafe Knows Gabi Is Hiding Something

Days Of Our Lives’ Gabi (Camille Banus) accuses Rafe (Galen Gering) of sneaking up on her. Gabi acts like she doesn’t remember Rafe ’s question. Gabi thinks back to the original paternity test and changing it. Rafe wants to know what Gabi needs to tell the truth about. Gabi says she was just thinking about Ari (Harper and Sidney Udell). Gabi tells Rafe that Ari still isn’t talking to her.

Gabi and Rafe talk about Stefan. Rafe knows Gabi is hiding something from him. Gabi argues Rafe that he’s wrong. Rafe shows up with ice cream for Gabi. Rafe and Gabi talk about Ben. Gabi wants to know how Hope is taking this. Gabi asks how things are with Rafe and Hope. Rafe tells Gabi things are improving. Rafe wants Hope to know he’s there for her. Rafe is there for Gabi too. Gabi calls Sonny (Freddie Smith) and asks to see Ari.


Chad Tries To Go After Stefan

Days of Our Lives’ Chad (Billy Flynn) walks in and sees Stefan touching Abby ’s belly. Abby keeps Chad from attacking Stefan. Chad screams at Abby for letting Stefan touch her. Abby tells Chad about setting boundaries with Chad. Chad attempt to go after Stefan again and Abby stops him. Chad is furious, Abby tries to calm him down. Chad tells Abby about talking to Marlena.

Chad tells Abby he can’t do this, he won’t tolerate this. Chad won’t be the father to this child. Abby thought Chad had decided he could handle this. Chad tells Abby she can tell everyone he is selfish and walked out on her. Abby tells Chad he isn’t being selfish. Abby respects Chad’s decision and understands. Chad packs to leave and will let Abby know where he’s staying. Chad leaves Abby, both are crying.

Steve Needs To Know The Truth

Days of Our Lives’ Steve and John are at the Pub talking. Steve tells John about Kayla keeping a secret. John doesn’t believe Kayla would do that. Patch says the detective wants to keep digging. Patch needs to know what Kayla is keeping from him. Steve worries that Kayla may be sick. John suggests Steve ask Kayla what is going on.

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