Days Of Our Lives RECAP October 19: Kristen Admits She Has E.J.; Bonnie Threatens Mimi

Days Of Our Lives RECAP October 19: Kristen Admits She Has E.J.; Bonnie Threatens Mimi Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Friday, October 19 reveals, Eric (Greg Vaughan) finds the recording as Sami (Alison Sweeney) going looking for E.J. (Ex James Scott).

Eric Attempt To Reason With Kristen

Eric warns Sami to be careful, and she leaves. Eric breaks into the desk and finds the recording. Eric ends up knocked out on the floor. Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) finds Eric. Kristen figures out they have other company in the warehouse. Kristen ties Eric up to a chair. Eric wakes up to Kristen waving a gun around. Kristen knows why Eric is there. Eric knows Kristen is working with Xander (Paul Telfer). Kristen asks if Sami is there. Kristen tells Eric the last person tied up there was Brady.

Eric asks to talk to Brady, Kristen tells him Brady is indisposed at the moment. Eric tries to reason with Kristen through her love for Brady. Eric tells her to help Brady by letting him and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) be together. Eric tries to convince Kristen that Xander could turn on her. Kristen tells Eric he deserves someone much better. Eric tells Kristen that she feels the same about Brady (Eric Martsolf) as he does Nicole. Kristen asks if Eric is asking her to let him go in the name of love. Eric pushes Kristen to let him go. Kristen has important work to do, and Eric could jeopardize that. What Eric tries to tells Kristen that she can get redemption. Kristen tells Eric she needs Xander to help her move cargo.

Mimi Confides In Belle

Days of Our Lives’ Belle (Martha Madison) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) are talking, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) comes in, and Chloe asks how their baby girl is doing. Belle is confused. Lucas tells Belle about the baby and that Bonnie is the mother. Lucas and Chloe tell Belle about the custody battle. Chloe tells Belle about her run-in with Mimi (Farrah Fath). Belle and Chloe talk about Mimi and Belle don’t want to get caught in the middle.

Mimi calls and wants Belle to represent Bonnie. Mimi tells Belle that the baby is hers, not Bonnie’s (Judy Evans). Bonnie comes up and speaks to the baby; Bonnie wants to talk to Chloe alone. Mimi tells Belle that Bonnie is using the baby to stay out of prison and threatening to send her there. Mimi tells Belle that she killed her father. Mimi tells her about Bonnie’s threat. Mimi tells Belle how they faked the test results. Mimi tells Belle that Rex (Kyle Lowder) is the father.

Bonnie Continues To Threaten Mimi

Days of Our Lives’ Mimi is furious because Lucas got a restraining order and has the baby. Mimi wants the truth to come out now. Bonnie wants to grab the baby and run. Mimi wants to go to the cops, Bonnie threatens her. Bonnie says Mimi didn’t watch her husband die before her. Mimi tells Bonnie she never showed her love. Mimi promises not to say anything, but she won’t let Lucas take her daughter. Bonnie goes to the pub to get food claiming to be Adrienne (Judy Evans). Roman (Josh Taylor) throws Bonnie out of the pub.


Xander Tells Nicole He Found Eric

Days of Our Lives’ Xander shows up at Nicole’s apartment. Xander tells Nicole he took the recording from Eric and dealt with him accordingly. Xander tells Nicole that Eric is alive. Xander wanted to make sure that Nicole wasn’t going to disappear. Xander tells Nicole he promised to be with her until death and asks if it’s that time already. Xander tells Nicole that he loves her. Xander wants the three of them to leave together.

Xander offers to take Nicole to see Eric before he kills him. Nicole begs Xander to leave right now. Xander says Nicole will never be his as long as Eric is alive. Xander threatens Nicole with the recording again. Xander takes Nicole to the warehouse; she knocks him out with a water bottle. Nicole gets the recording and goes to find Eric. Nicole gets inside the warehouse but can’t find Eric.

Sami Doesn’t Believe Brady

Days of Our Lives’ Sami opens the door marked E.D., but no one is there. Brady comes into the room where Sami is. Brady tells Sami that E.J. is gone. Brady tells Sami that he is faking working with Kristen. Brady tells Sami he did this to help her. Sami finds it hard to believe because of what Brady did to Eric.

Sami tells Brady he crossed the line even though she’s not pro-Nicole. Sami tells Brady he didn’t ask Kristen about E.J. Sami tells Brady he would keep her from E.J. if it would make Kristen happy. Brady tells Sami someone knocked him out before he saw who was in the wheelchair yesterday. Brady tells Sami the guy was similar in build to E.J. Sami locks Brady in E.J.’s room and goes looking for E.J. Brady begs Sami to let him help her, she refuses.

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