Days Of Our Lives Recap November 29: Ben Asks Stefan For A Job – Chad Visits Abby

Days Of Our Lives Recap November 29: Ben Asks Stefan For A Job - Chad Visits AbbyDays Of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, November 29, 2018, reveals Will (Chandler Massey) calls Sonny (Freddie Smith) and tells him he is going to see Kate (Lauren Koslow) about Ted (Gilles Marini).

DOOL Spoilers – Will Goes To Kate For Help

Will stops by and tells Kate he needs to talk to Ted. Will informs Kate that Leo (Greg Rikaart) is alive. Will tells Kate that Leo wasn’t dead. Will asks for Kate’s help and explains the connection between Leo and Ted. Kate goes Ted out of town, but she doesn’t know where he is. Kate tells Will she didn’t Ted, but he disappeared. Kate rethinks everything that happened between her and Ted. Kate says she should have killed that bastard when she had the chance.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Leo Drops A Bomb On Sonny And Will

Days of Our Lives’ Leo comes downstairs and complements Sonny on his bed. Sonny tells Leo this isn’t a hotel and he wants him out. Leo asks if Sonny is going to marry him or not. Leo pushes Sonny until he comes after him again. Leo keeps pushing Sonny and brings up the last fight. Leo asks Sonny what it costs to clean a rug these days. Leo is waiting for an answer to his proposal, but he won’t wait forever.

Will tells Sonny that Kate can’t help them because she doesn’t know anything about Leo or Ted. Leo overhears and asks if this is what it’s come to expecting grandma to bail them out. Leo tells Sonny and Will that Kate is the one behind the lawsuit.

Hope Lies To Rafe

Days of Our Lives’ Hope (Kristian Alfonso) arrives at work and tells Rafe (Galin Gering) she has been working all night. Rafe asks if Hope wants to talk about the case. Rafe wants to work with her, but she refuses. Hope asks if Ciara (Victoria Konefal) is seeing Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). Hope wants to know if Rafe did anything to stop Ciara from kissing that killer.

Rafe tells Hope they cannot make Ciara listen, and have to trust her even when it comes to Ben. Rafe tells Hope that if she doesn’t stop pushing she is going to send Ciara right into Ben arms. Hope thanks Rafe for the advice and leaves. Hope has Ted (Gilles Marini) at the Horton cabin and takes him food. Hope tells Ted she will protect him from Stefan (Tyler Christopher) as long as he helps her put Ben away for good.

DOOL Spoilers – Ciara Asks Roman For A Job

Days of Our Lives’ Kate lets Roman (Josh Taylor) hear the recording of Stefan saying he has Ted. Roman tells Kate that isn’t enough to nail Stefan. Roman tells Kate that she doesn’t have enough to get Stefan because he implicated her as well. Ciara goes by the pub and talks to Roman. Ciara tells Roman about Tripp framing Ben. Ciara begs Roman to stay quiet about it. Roman is upset that Ciara brought Ben by for a job. Ciara asks Roman if he would hire her.


Ben Turns To Stefan For Help

Days of Our Lives’ Stefan talks to Stefano’s picture and tells him about the baby. Stefan fires his guard. Stefan asks how Ted could have escaped an island. Stefan tells him he hasn’t given him any information on Steve or anything else he has asked for lately. Ben shows up to see Stefan; the guard asks if he knows him. Ben says he needs to see his boss, the guard tells him he just got fired.

Ben asks Stefan for a job. Stefan needs someone but wants a reason why he should hire the necktie killer. Ben tells Stefan he is the most qualified person he will ever find. Ben tells Stefan he provides protection as well as more specified services. Stefan asks Ben if he is the one who choked out him and his guard. Stefan says everything he just said amounts to a confession. Stefan says he’s going to call the police; they will be happy to throw his crazy ass back in prison. Ben needs this job because he is sleeping in a homeless shelter. Ben tells Stefan if he doesn’t hire him he will be working against him.

Jennifer Helps Chad

Days of Our Lives Chad (Billy Flynn) calls to check on Abby (Kate Mansi) but cannot get any information. The orderly beings Abby’s food, she doesn’t respond to him. Ben asks Chad for a job and offers to help him get in to see Abby. Ben tells Chad he knows Bayview better than anyone so who better to get him in to see Abby. Chad goes to speak to Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and apologizes.

Chad tells Jennifer he didn’t know any other way to help Abby. Chad tells Jennifer he’s been calling for updates, but they won’t give him any. Jennifer won’t allow Chad in to visit Abby. Chad tells Jennifer about Abby attacking Gabi. Jennifer wants to know why Gabi was even there. Chad begs Jennifer to make a call and get him in to see Abby. Jennifer offers to see what she can do but makes no promises. Chad takes pictures of Charlotte and talks to her while Jennifer is calling Bayview.

Chad tells Charlotte about her mother. Jennifer talks the doctor into letting Chad see Abby. Jennifer tells Chad about the incident this morning and begs him to get through to Abby. Chad goes into Abby’s room and tells her to look at him. Chad needs to talk to Abby, she turns around and looks furious with him.

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