This Is Us Spoilers: Season 1 Finale Summary and Synopsis – How will Jack Die?


This Is Us Spoilers: Season 1 Finale Synopsis - How will Jack Die? The season 1 finale of “This Is Us” is heading our way, so you better get those tissues handy because it is sure to have you weeping.

“This Is Us’ spoilers tease the season finale is titled “Moonshadow,” and the synopsis reads, “Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) heads to Cleveland to make things right with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) on the night of her first big gig with the band. Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Kevin (Justin Hartley) make big decisions about their future.”

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The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, teases that the finale will definitely be the darkest place we’ve been. Then he adds, that the finale is incredibly ambitious. So we will have a wave of emotion coming for us.

Mandy Moore, who plays the mother-of-three Rebecca Pearson on the NBC drama revealed that viewers will be upset for a completely different set of reasons during the finale. It appears that there will be a lot going on in the episode to come and it will probably leave us with a lot of questions that will not get answered until season 2, for instance exactly what causes Jack’s death.

Sterling K. Brown, who plays the part of Randall Pearson on the show, recently revealed on social media that we will have to wait until next season to learn how Jack died.

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A lot of fans have already begun to speculate on what causes Jack’s death and most believe that he will get into a car accident. Dan Fogelman did recently say that how Jack passes away will take all the viewers by surprise and that we will never be able to guess just how he actually dies. Being in a car accident does seem too predictable, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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