The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Fooling Herself – Victor Remains Force of Nature

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Fooling Herself – Victor Remains Force of Nature

Who does Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) think she is on ‘The Young and the Restless’? Victor (Eric Braeden) rescued her from the Bayou in the early 1980’s. Since then she’s lived a life of luxury and yes, occasional pain. But as Mrs. Newman recently acknowledged, she’s enabled this force of nature to exist. And now she wants to take charge of the Newman family? Ain’t gonna’ happen.

The grammar in the sentence that ended the last paragraph shouldn’t be mimicked. But the message of that three-word statement is spot on.

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Victor was forced to admit that he’d recruited Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) to implement his deranged revenge plot against Adam (Justin Hartley). He channeled a mentally unstable mother’s grief against his own son, framing him for the murder of Constance Bingham (Sally Kellerman)

What type of father, no, what type of human being does that? A monster, that’s who.

Meanwhile Nikki was oblivious to his actions. What type of wife doesn’t know what her husband is doing on a regular basis? One that looks the other way so that she can continue to live the good life, which is exactly Nikki’s present motivation right now.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) served as his father’s judge once again in this storyline. Victor’s first-born son has often cast aside the traumatic meeting he witnessed between Victor and Albert Miller (George Kennedy). Possibly Nick is exhibiting Albert’s cold-hearted traits himself?

In what may likely be Braeden’s finest performance, Victor’s tragic backstory was revealed. Albert, who abandoned Victor when he was a child, didn’t care that his biological son wanted to make peace.

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Their hauntingly ugly confrontation at the nursing home, where Kennedy’s character was residing, still likely flashes through the minds of tenured Y&R fans whenever Victor evokes his father’s legacy through misguided actions.

Nikki is deluding herself if she believes that Victor will relinquish control of their family to her, ever. And if the entire Newman clan is smart, it will try to negotiate reconciliation in the near future.

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