‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Fond Image of Katherine Chancellor Appears – Jill And Fans Feel Presence of Grand Dame Again

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Fond Image of Katherine Chancellor Appears – Jill And Fans Feel Presence of Grand Dame AgainJill (Jess Walton) had a very mixed relationship with Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Initially they were companions, then bitter enemies and finally, toward the very end of Katherine’s life they equally acknowledged being true friends. The history of their relationship is being mined this week, as Jill wrestles with her own mortality in Genoa City.

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Having an unexpected heart attack forces many people to assess their lives. They question past choices and wonder who best to use any remaining time on this earth. Jill’s mid-week dreams were actually flashbacks to more recent years, as her mind mixed memories of Katherine and the early days of her relationship with Colin (Tristan Rogers).

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Y&R has adjusted the look of its flashback sequences, first bringing them partially in from one side of the screen and then pushing current day images past remaining corners. Digital storage allows for crisp views of classic scenes that are only distinguishable from modern day soap chapters through the effects of time seen within the faces of the actors.

Seeing Katherine scold Jill about her growing connection to Colin elicited the infamous Phillip Chancellor II (Initially played by John Considine and then by Donnelly Rhodes) arc for long-time Y&R fans. Newer viewers may not know that Jill became involved with Katherine’s husband and gave birth to his child, or that Katherine accidentally caused Phillip’s death by stepping on the accelerator of her car while driving, which resulted in both characters going over a cliff.

Philip and Katherine didn’t die on immediate impact. But Phillip was in critical condition until he passed. That final climax cemented the epic and enduring interpersonal war between Jill and Katherine that lasted for decades.

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A digitally inserted full-body image of Katherine sat in a chair in Jill’s hospital room while Colin was present, circa February 2017. The haunting figure represented an influence, rather than a ghost and was only visible to Mrs. Ashby. The scene was handled with care and was done well, reaffirming that Katherine and Cooper will always be missed by fictional personas and fans alike.

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