The Young And Restless Spoilers: Nick And Chelsea Going Nowhere Fast – Lies And Deceit Plague Couple

The Young And Restless Spoilers: Nick And Chelsea Hit a Dead End

On “The Young and the Restless,” Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) are going nowhere fast, on two fronts. Will their relationship survive the truth of their deceitful situation?

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Chelsea doesn’t know it, but Nick is watching her spin her wheels as she tries to find missing mother/murderer Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Chelsea is bent on finding out where her frenemy has gone to, seeing as how she killed her beloved Adam. Her latest step involves talking to the doctor responsible for Chloe’s early release from the mental asylum where she had been committed.

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The good doctor can’t help money-waving Chelsea pinpoint Chloe’s exact whereabouts, and that has her frustrated. She turns to Nick, who secretly helped his dad Victor (Eric Braeden) send Chloe out of town. How long can Nick keep up the cruel ruse?

Every time Chelsea vents to Nick about Chloe deserving to be brought to justice, the handsome hunk squirms and flashes those enormous dimples of his. But Chloe doesn’t seem to notice what’s standing right in front of her, instead she’s focused on hunting down her former bestie.

And slowly, Nick is starting to cave. He wants Chelsea to resolve her dilemma so that the two of them can move forward together, and maybe live happily ever after with their adorable kids. How far is he willing to go to make his dream a reality? When Chelsea moans that maybe she should try squeezing some more intel out of the good doctor, Nick actually agrees with her. What?

The Young And Restless Spoilers: Nick And Chelsea Hit a Dead End

The fact is that Nick is caught between a rock and a hard place. He’s lying to his girlfriend, and squashing her quest for justice because he’s trying to protect his dad (who he detests). How much longer can Mr. Dimples forgo his own happiness to shield the man who he knows is behind Chloe’s initial appearance, and her most recent disappearance?

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Look for a dramatic event to drop in the coming days, as Nick confronts his conscience!

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