The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: New Romance For Wyatt – Who Is The Lucky Lady?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: New Romance For Wyatt - Who Is The Luck Lady?

On the “Bold and the Beautiful,” Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) has been cooling his jets after enduring one disastrous relationship after another. Are we witnessing the calm before the proverbial storm? How much longer can the handsome, young, witty, and charismatic guy go without charming all the ladies?

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Lately Wyatt has been content to hang out and lick his wounds in his mogul dad’s office high atop an L.A. skyscraper. From within the plush surroundings, commanding Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) looks down on the little people and plans his next big takeover. Could his macho drive and naked ambition be rubbing off on his impressionable son?

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Wyatt just lost the (latest) love of his life when his brother Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Woods) married. Wyatt is a like a lost puppy without a lady to woe, but all that is about to change according to a sensational new show spoiler.

TPTB intend to get Wyatt, and his new, unsettling hairstyle, back into the game by introducing a little romantic action into his moribund life. Who is the target, I mean, lucky lady?

Not so fast, B&B fans, details on the new romance are being kept exceptionally close to the corporate vest. But we can reveal one intriguing possibility: none other than flame-haired, fast-talking Sally Spectra! Um, yes, she’s a little off center from Wyatt’s usual lacquered, model-type girlfriend, but it could work!

Rumor has it that the two will have a random meet-up that leads to a very intriguing outcome. Could these two be about to embark on a journey aboard the Love Boat? Sally and Thomas are currently sparking, so we could be witnessing the beginning of one of B&B’s favorite storylines, the never-ending love triangle.

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Wyatt is an experienced pro, having previously triangled with Liam and Steffy, and Liam and Hope (Kim Matula). Stay tuned folks, the birth of a beautiful, albeit unconventional, new romance may be on the horizon!

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  1. Janet Roberts says

    Please don’t put him with sally I love Thomas and Sally he should be with Ivy I don’t want another triangle he needs a girl of his own.

    1. Betty Lunsford says

      I agree! Why do the writers always have Wyatt going after someone who is involved with someone else? They could bring in a new lady for Wyatt. What is $Bill going to do about this? We all know he will NOT approve!!

  2. Kimberly Crone says

    Oh God NOOOOOOO!! I would love to see Thomas and Sally as the next power couple!!! Give the Foresters a run for their money!! Why can’t the writers leave happy couples alone?

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