‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ News: Pierson Fode’s B&B Return Date Revealed, Thomas Forrester Is Back!

'The Bold And The Beautiful' News: Pierson Fode's B&B Return Date Revealed, Thomas Forrester Is Back!There’s good news ahead for, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” fans, a Forrester favorite is set to return! If you’ve thought that the Forrester Creations boardroom has been a bit empty lately, get set for the return of a familiar face.

Pierson Fode is set to bring enigmatic Thomas Forrester back to L.A. on January 12. Is Thomas a kind and caring father, a ruthless junior executive, or Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) true mini-me?

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Since his arrival to B&B Fode’s version of Thomas has been a bit inscrutable. He’s not had a meaty story of his own for very long, nor have we seen a singular side to his personality. It will be interesting to see which direction the character finally embarks upon.

B&B fans know that Thomas had a one–nighter with a sleep-aid disabled Caroline (Linsey Godfrey). The bad news was that she was his father’s girl at the time, but the good news was that the two beautiful 20-somethings produced baby Douglas.

His one-night stand with Caroline was a classic Ridge Forrester move from back in the day. But Thomas showed that he’s more than a two-dimensional womanizer when he stepped up and became an eager and caring dad.

This wasn’t easy for Thomas since Ridge and Caroline fought to deny him his parental rights! Soon after TPTB seemed to be flirting with the idea of making Thomas, Caroline and Douglas a regularly seen family unit.

But that storyline fizzled and went nowhere, and now Caroline Linsey is off contract. So, B&B fans, what direction would you like to see for the character of Thomas Forrester?

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Spoilers tease that upon his return he will have to adjust to the new reality of having his sister for a boss! How will proud, masculine Thomas react to having to report to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes)?

Are we about to see a more forceful Thomas stake his rightful claim within the family business? Does his return foreshadow that a power struggle is about to unfold within the walls of Forrester Creations?

B&B fans let us know what you think will happen when Thomas returns to the canvas, in the comments section below!

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  1. Sally Hage says

    Love Thomas. And Caroline!!! Bring them both back I miss them a lot! Please.

  2. Sally Hage says

    Can’t stand Devon and Hilary together anymore. Put Devon with someone else! And Hillary crying at his bedside is a joke because as soon as they resume their relationship which is where I assume this is going so just walk all over him again it’s just so freaking predictable

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