November Throwback: Y&R Eric Braeden Arrives In Genoa City As Victor Newman

November Throwback: Y&R Eric Braeden Arrives In Genoa City As Victor Newman
November is the month of soapy throwbacks, and today’s throwback is one of Victor Newman’s [Eric Braeden] first storylines from August of 1980. Victor came to Genoa City to help Katherine Chancellor [Jeanne Cooper] run her company called Chancellor Industries. She owned a ranch- which he bought from her for his wife, Julia [Meg Bennett] and he moved in renaming the estate Newman Ranch.

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Victor forced Julia in the simple life without venturing out alone [without him]. She longed to have a career as he often would leave for days while he took care of business deals. Julia convinced Victor, whom she needed a part-time job, so she wouldn’t feel so bored all the time. He allowed her to work as a model, which proved to be a HUGE mistake.

Julia met photographer Michael Scott [Nicholas Benedict] when she was modeling. The two hit it off, and sparks began to fly. Michael was not shy about his attraction to Ms. Newman, which angered Victor.  Victor becomes intensely jealous of the connection she shared with Michael. When Julia told Victor, she was pregnant, he assumed that Michael was the father. In order to get back at Julia and Michael, Victor kidnapped him and held him under the Ranch in a storm cellar. He was giving him very little food, and when he DID feed him, it was often dead rats or mice.

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When Victor had to go away for business, he convinced Paul Williams [Doug Davidson] that Michael was a mentally challenged family member that was a danger to the city if he was not kept in captivity. Paul believed him and feed him as he told him in his absence. Eventually, Julia found out that Victor had been holding Michael and freed him. She explained the situation to Paul, and he was livid that he allowed Victor to manipulate him.

Julia and Michael hoped to escape Victor’s control and decided to make a run for it. Victor was on to them at this point and stopped them. There was a struggle between Michael and Victor, Julia was caught in the crossfire and ended up falling pretty hard on the ground. She began to bleed and lost her baby in the hospital later that day.

The hospital did a DNA test on her miscarried child, and it proved that Victor was the father of her baby, not Michael. Julia and Michael left Genoa City a few days later, separately. Do you remember this storyline?

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