Neighbours Spoilers: Fake Dee’s Daughter Willow Exits

Neighbours Spoilers: Fake Dee's Daughter Willow ExitsOn Neighbours, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is set to lose a valued person from his life, but this time around there’s reason to celebrate. Toadie has struggled with a troubled marriage, and the last thing he needed was a “fake daughter.” But that’s exactly what karma handed him when Willow Somers (Mieke Billing-Smith) popped back up in Erinsborough.

Even after it was revealed that Toadie was not Willow’s biological father, he stepped up and offered to take responsibility for her.

Everything seemed set to work out, with Willow staying in town, but instead fate took an unexpected turn. It was discovered that the biological father that Willow had never known, Fergus Olsen (Andrew Percy), was indeed in Australia.

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Willow was raised by a scheming, dishonest mom, but it turns out that her father is nothing like her mother. When Willow discovers the truth, she and Toadie agree to meet up with Fergus at The Waterhole, even though both are a little nervous and completely unsure of what to expect.

Their fears soon melt away when Fergus arrives and delights them with his honesty and charm. Fergus explains that he was a wild child, and owns up to neglecting his parental duties when he found out about Willow’s existence.

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Fergus goes on to say that after experiencing a life-altering accident he turned his life around and is now happily married and the father of two girls. It’s hard not to like Fergus, especially when he says that he wants to make amends for the way he acted toward Willow. Toadie and Willow decide that she will visit Fergus and his family, and remain if things work out between them.

It’s difficult for Toadie to lose the teen girl he’s come to regard as his own daughter, but in the end they have an incredibly emotional goodbye that viewers won’t want to miss. Will Toadie’s poignant loss be the much-needed miracle that Willow deserves?

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