Neighbours Spoilers: Zoe Bertram Joins Cast As Brennan Brothers’ Mom

Neighbours Spoilers: Zoe Bertram Joins Cast As Brennan Brothers' MomOn Aussie soap “Neighbours,” a huge plot is unveiled when the handsome and popular Brennan brothers get a blast from the past when a familiar face arrives in Erinsborough. But will their sudden visitor bring bliss or anxiety to the trio?

Veteran actress Zoe Bertram has been cast as the mother of the Brennan brothers and she makes her debut next week. All indications point to a rocky reunion for the boys and their wayward mother!.

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Fay Brennan’s arrival will unleash a ton of drama for her gorgeous sons to sort out. When Fay texts Mark (Scott McGregor) with news of her visit from Adelaide she gives him only a few hours’ notice. Quick boys, clean the house!

Neither Aaron (Matt Wilson) nor Tyler (Travis Burns) are overjoyed at the prospect of meeting up with mom again. In particular Tyler is still haunted by the past, when Fay left him to be raised by an abusive father. Who could blame him?

The first familial meet-up has everyone on tenterhooks, and explosive show spoilers reveal that things are set to get worse before they get better.

Each brother has a different set of emotions when it comes to their mother, and their responses will be as unique as they are. Soap sources say that the issues the boys’ experiences will be emotionally charged and not resolved overnight. It sounds like Ramsey Street will be sizzling throughout the summer in more ways than one!

Viewers will also be getting a blast from the past when they catch sight of Zoe on their tv screens. In 2011 the talented actress had a fleeting stint on “Neighbours,” when she portrayed a Polish cleaner for a brief time. Zoe’s previous work includes roles on Home and Away, A Country Practice, The Flying Doctors, and Stingers and Blue Heelers. The prolific actress also been seen as Randi Goodlove in Prisoner: Cell Block H, and as Olivia Baxter in The Restless Years.

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