Neighbours Spoilers: Baby Plot For Aaron And David In The Works?

Neighbours Spoilers: Baby Plot For Aaron And David In The Works?Are Daaron set to become a committed couple and proud parents on Aussie soap Neighbours? Absolutely yes, if star Matt Wilson (Aaron Brennan) has his way! Enthusiastic Wilson revealed his hopes and dreams for the popular pair in a recent interview, and he’s set the bar high for Daaron.

Loyal fans have been vocal in their desire to have a lasting romance develop between Aaron and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) for months now. Is there a happily ever after on the horizon for these two?

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Definitely maybe if their kiss, which occurs next week, means anything. It may be a long way off before a relationship comes to be, but Matt is letting his thoughts on the matter be known.

The talented actor told Inside Soap that he would like the pair to settle down together on Ramsay Street. He’d also like to see the couple raise a baby in their Erinsborough home!

Matt is keen to have a same-sex marriage on the popular sudser, “Especially as gay marriage isn’t actually legal in Australia. I think that would be sending out a huge message … It’s just fiction, so it doesn’t matter that it’s not legal – the country would love it.” But before any of Matt’s idyllic vision can come true, his alter-ego first has to deal with the return of his estranged mother to town.

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The three Brennan brothers are in for a shock as their mom Fay (Zoe Bertram) announces her return in a text sent just hours before her arrival! None of the boys will quite know how to act or what to think when Fay returns to Erinsborough. She left them years ago to be raised by an abusive father, an experience that has not faded with time.

Explosive show spoilers reveal that Aaron in particular will behave in an unexpected and unusual way toward Fay. With fresh drama coming into his life, Aaron will need David’s support and friendship more than ever!

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