Home And Away Spoilers Tease Big Wedding Drama in 2018

Home And Away Spoilers Tease Big Wedding Drama in 2018After a turbulent year of action-packed drama, it looks like Home and Away will usher in 2018 with a loved-up happily ever after.

That’s right, star-crossed lovers Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) will finally take a walk down nuptial lane.

It’s about time, given all that this pair have gone through. First they had to deal with sinister Zannis, then once they hooked up they had to keep it on the down low. What would Ziggy’s family have to say about her throwing in with Summer Bay’s bad boy?


But the ruse came to a rather awkward end when the two were caught in the middle of their extracurricular activities by Brody’s brother Justin (James Stewart). Oops!

But once the big day arrives it won’t go off without a hitch, it is a soap opera, after all!

The exciting wedding reveal comes after the cast and crew were spotted this week filming on location at Palm Beach. Aussie viewers know that the lovely couple are together again, but now it looks as if things will really heat up in the New Year.

One eager fan took pics at the filming site, posting the revealing photos online. In one Ziggy looks radiant in her voluminous wedding gown and high heels.

In another candid shot the wedding party are having a good time talking around an aqua-blue convertible, with Ziggy still wearing her dress. Video later shows the happy couple climb into the back of the car, kiss passionately, and drive off into the future together.

We assume they got married, but hey, this is a soap, right? Bombshell spoilers reveal that one of Ziggy’s family members will have a tragic collapse during the ceremony. Will unforeseen catastrophe halt the vows?

We can tell you that this family member won’t be getting better any time soon, in fact the plot will be front and center in the New Year.

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