Hollyoaks Spoilers: Holly Cunningham Brutally Attacked By Nick Savage

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Holly Cunningham Brutally Attacked By Nick SavageOn “Hollyoaks,” Nick Savage is about to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what kind of monster he is. Unfortunately for Holly Cunningham, his unmasking comes at her expense.

Nick has shown himself to be an arrogant and unconscionable young man; he had sex with Ellie Nightingale even though she was unable to give her consent. His girlfriend Holly has decided to support Nick, but it’s a decision that she will soon regret.

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Nick’s graduation party turns into an ugly scene when Zack Loveday divulges that he and Holly have kissed. Not surprisingly, Nick is outraged. But no one is prepared for the level of fury and hostility that the jealous boyfriend displays. The party soon turns sour and Holly and Nick go home.

When the two are home alone, Holly can’t shake the bad feeling that she has around the angry Nick. For his part Nick tries to smooth things over, and he pushes Holly into having sex. The young blonde doesn’t want to, and afterward she feels violated. For his part, Nick is clueless as to how he acted toward his girlfriend.

Later she goes after Ellie verbally, blaming her for what happened with Nick. However, she ends up telling Ellie what Nick to her. Ellie does the decent thing and attempts to help Holly think through her feelings and emotions.

They have an honest and heartfelt discussion about Nick and how he’s behaved with them. Is it possible that Holly will end up dumping Nick, and that the two women will report his actions to the police?

Ellie urges Holly to move forward and bring the matter to the authorities. However, Holly is not yet ready or willing to fully acknowledge what has happened to her. Instead, she divulges the truth to her mom which is healing in its own way.

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It seems that Nick is stepping closer to his day of reckoning; but will someone else have to get hurt before justice is served?

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