Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sabotage, Blackmail, And A Dangerous Birth!

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sabotage, Blackmail, And A Dangerous Birth!In the aftermath of Hollyoaks’ huge autumn stunt, the clock keeps on ticking and life goes on for the survivors of the horrific explosion. But what kind of life will they be facing?

We’ve got next week’s spoilers right here, and we guarantee that the sudser becomes even more compelling post-apocalypse!

First up, Hollyoaks spoilers tease that Milo’s (Nathan Morris) choir boy face will be revealed to mask a heart of darkness. How could he try and sabotage Cindy (Stephanie Waring) and Dirk’s (David Kennedy) wedding? We get that he doesn’t like Dirk, but his plan to make him look like he cheated with the requisite pre-wedding stripper is too much! Will Milo soon regret his actions?

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It’s no secret that Sienna (Anna Passey) will go into labor, but are she and her baby in danger from someone who definitely doesn’t have her best interests at heart? Warren (Jamie Lomas) will be a key cog in her drama, with the results most unpredictable.

On a brighter note, Ryan (Duncan James) and Ste (Kieron Richardson) make peace. For the time being. Let’s just say that against their will they are forced to confront each other when Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis) takes matters into her own hands.

In contrast, Cleo (Nadine Mulkerrin) and Joel (Rory Douglas-Speed) remain on the outs. Cleo is not above using a little blackmail, leaving Joel in panic mode.

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Ellie (Sophie Porley) and Damon (Jacob Roberts) however are about to make beautiful music together. She is super excited at the prospect of accompanying him to Cindy and Dirk’s nuptials, but will something horrid prevent their attendance? Look for these two to feel the awful side effects of food poisoning, just when they were achieving liftoff.

Lastly, it’s lights out for Chef Tony (Nick Pickard) at Nightingale’s. He feels slighted when he doesn’t get some credit due him, and decides to take a walk. He’s going to do some feel-good volunteer work for Joel! How long can this satisfy his ego?

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