General Hospital Spoilers Thursday June 8: Jordan Confesses To TJ – Valentin Gets Surprise Visitor – Alex On The Loose – CarSon Needs Nelle’s Help


General Hospital Spoilers June 8: Curtis Defends Jordan – Jordan Confesses To TJ- Valentin Receives A Surprise Visitor – Michael Vents To Nelle!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Thursday June 8 promise a day of defenses being raised, confessions and a few surprises as well. The General Hospital previews show Curtis (Donnell Turner) facing off with his Aunt Stella over a disagreement that comes up about Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Aintoine).

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Apparently, something Stella says about Curtis’ new girlfriend, Jordan does not sit well with Curtis and he leaps to her defense, will this cause his Aunt to be weary about what is really going on with her nephew?

Over at Perk’s coffee, it seems TJ (Tequan Richmond) is back in Port Charles and does some catching up with his mother, Jordan.  She confesses to her son that she and Curtis are a couple, how will TJ react to this news?  Will she get her son’s blessing or disapproval?

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General Hospital Spoilers June 8: Curtis Defends Jordan – Jordan Confesses To TJ- Valentin Receives A Surprise Visitor – Michael Vents To Nelle!

Over at the PCPD, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) receives a surprise visitor. As viewers saw in today’s episode of General Hospital, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) received an unsettling call from the WSB informing her that her identical twin sister, Alex Marick has escaped and is nowhere to be found, then we see the interrogation door to where Valentin is being held open up and Valentin stating “ It’s you”. Could his mystery visitor be Alex or is it Anna to inform him of Alex’s escape? Spoilers indicate that Alex does pay Valentin a visit and makes him an offer- will he take it?

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Over at General Hospital, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) confides in Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) about his feelings over what Ava Jerome (Maura West) deserves after learning from his father about Ava’s deadly role in Morgan’s death. Meanwhile Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and Carly (Laura Wright) will be discussing the possibility of talking Nelle into testifying against Ava. But Carly asks Sonny the question “Why would Nelle do anything to help us?”. All this and more in tomorrow’s episode of General Hospital—stay tuned!

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  1. Sho'nuff says

    Well for starters, TJ has already said that he would be ok with his Mom and Curtis being happy together during the episode when Curtis stopped by at Jordan’s to teach her how to bowl and he stopped by to return her laptop he borrowed. I don’t see why he would be upset that Jordan confesses to him that she and Curtis are now exclusively a couple. He is grown and on his own, and Jordan’s nest is empty, and she deserves to be happy and that is what Curtis and her are together. Matter of fact they just pretty much professed how deep they feel about each other and that should be all that matters.

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