General Hospital Spoilers: Is Nathan’s Marriage At Risk?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Nathan’s Marriage At Risk?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) marriage to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) may be at serious risk. Nathan has often been seen by viewers as a Dudley-Do-Right but the idea of pretending to be someone that he isn’t is definitely a side of Nathan that viewers never thought they would see.

It is very clear that Nathan is somewhat uncomfortable lying about who he really is and it’s only a matter of time before the whole scheme is exposed. The fraud that Nathan and Amy (Risa Dorken) are digging themselves into of course, is not punishable in a court of law but there could be some serious consequences if the truth should ever come out as we all know it will in time.

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Nathan is risking serious backlash, lawsuits and not to mention his own marriage as we all know Maxie is the jealous type from way back and this news will not bode well with her at all. As uncomfortable as this whole situation has gotten for Nathan, it will get even more complicated when Maxie finally returns home which is set to happen very soon- the week of July 24th to be exact- Nathan will certainly have a lot of explaining to do to his wife.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Nathan’s Marriage At Risk?

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Let’s not forget, Maxie is completely unaware of what he is doing and surely when she finally gets back home and shares a loving reunion with her husband, she will be livid to learn all what he has risked and what he stands to lose. As Amy continues pushing Nathan into being Man Landers, all this can definitely be expected to come to a dead end once Maxie learns all- and you can bet she definitely will have something to say about it but how will this effect Nathan’s marriage to Maxie? Once Nathan’s wife has returned to Port Charles, will Amy still remain latched onto Nathan as well as their scheme or will she back off and respect his decision?

Spoilers do indicate that Maxie is already suspicious of what Nathan is keeping from her as viewers saw a few days ago when Felicia (Kristina Wasgner) approached Nathan and made him aware that Maxie knows something is off. But, what will happen when she returns in a couple of weeks and he is forced to face her as well as the whole truth- will Nathan admit to Maxie what he hasn’t told her about Man Landers or will Amy try to convince him to remain quiet and continue on with their plan? Stay tuned!

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