Alexander Skarsgard Admits Nude Scenes in ‘Big Little Lies’ Was Liberating

Alexander Skarsgard Admits Nude Scenes in 'Big Little Lies' Was LiberatingAlexander Skarsgard might be one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood today, but that doesn’t mean that he loves to get buff in front of the cameras. In fact, it was quite the opposite until he started shooting completely naked for HBO’s hit dark comedy, ‘Big Little Lies.’ The Swedish-born actor admitted that filming nude scenes for the show actually felt quite liberating.

In a new interview with W Magazine, Alexander, who plays abusive husband Perry Wright on the show, says he understands all too well how complicated his character on the show is. Nicole Kidman plays his wife, Celeste. Perry plays an emotional tug-of-war with his wife until she eventually decides to leave him and his abusive ways for good. As much as Perry loved Celeste, he often physically abused and manipulated her behind closed doors.

When asked about how he felt about his nude scenes, Alexander told the publication, “It’s quite liberating. It’s the nature of their relationship. It is very primal and very physical. You kind of have to let go and just dive in. It goes dark for Perry and he crosses that line, but because their sex life is very physical and sometimes violent, it’s more difficult for Celeste to move on, because she, at least initially, blames herself in a way.”

Of course, it doesn’t look like Alexander Skarsgard will be returning for the rumored second season of ‘Big Little Lies.’ Although HBO is yet to make any comments about Season 2, the show’s stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and even Laura Dern have all made it pretty clear that they are looking forward to more “lies” in the future.

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