General Hospital Spoilers: A Port Charles Death Right Around The Corner – Who Will Meet Their Maker?

General Hospital Spoilers: A Port Charles Death Right Around The Corner - Who Will Meet Their Maker?Over the last few weeks we have all sit back and watched as Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) toys with her brother’s life. Now what will come next?

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General Hospital spoilers tease that a shocking twist involving the hospital’s sale will turn everything upside down. The consequences of Olivia’s actions ripple across the canvas and someone will be meeting their maker, but who?

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With so many on Olivia’s hit list, there is no telling who will wind up six feet under. Fans have been eagerly hoping for a Julexis (Julian & Alexis) reunion, but that will not be possible if Julian (William DeVry) is dead.

With William’s contract coming to an end, it has fans so upset thinking that gives it even more reason that it will be him. So do you think Julian’s days are numbered?

Olivia Jerome will also still have Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) in her sights. There are some down the road spoilers indicating that she will decide it’s time to kill Anna. So could she be the one that will be facing an early death? Let’s hope not.

GH fans have already lost a bunch of main characters that they have got to know and love over the years, so hopefully the writers are not going to do that to all of us again. Rudge (David Lee) is not one of the main characters and is back in the picture, so perhaps he will be the one to go. Would you fans like for it to go that way?

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It’s great that this storyline with Olivia Jerome is finally coming full circle and us fans are getting the answers we have been longing for. Are you GH viewers glad the storyline with Olivia will finally be coming to an end? Make sure to stay tuned to ABC’s General Hospital to see how the rest of this storyline plays out.

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