General Hospital Recap Thursday April 27: Jake Mystery Deepens – Jason’s Disturbing Dreams – Ned Turns Samira In

General Hospital Spoilers: Thursday April 27 GH RECAP

Thursday’s April 27 episode of General Hospital beings with Jason (Billy Miller) having a dream he was hugging Jake (Hudson West) too tight and cutting off his air. Jason wakes up as Sam (Kelly Monaco) hands him coffee. Jason updates Sam on Jake being afraid of the man he used to be. Jason’s concerned he may have hurt Jake. Sam says this all goes back to Helena. Jason decides to get the book from Liz that Helena gave her.

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) takes Jake’s temperature and it’s elevated to 110 degrees. Franco (Roger Howarth) stops by and Liz sends Jake to his room. Liz knows Jake did something to make the thermometer reading high.

She tells Franco Jake is withdrawing, doesn’t sleep, wants to skip school and she’s concerned. Liz tells Franco that Jake is afraid of who Jason use to be. Liz tells him that Jake may have seen Jason at Cassidine Island. Liz knows Jason wouldn’t hurt a child.

Franco suggests maybe Helena made Jason do something bad and Jake saw it. Jake walks in asking for pancakes. Jake shows Franco his drawing with the 0705 on it. Franco asks Jake what it means. Jake says he’s sick and goes to his room. Jason arrives to Liz’s house. Liz and Franco ask him if he knows what the numbers mean. Jason says it written backwards means May 2007, Jake’s birthday.

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Samira (Ivy Natalia) tells Kiki (Hayley Erin) she needs to leave the hospital and go home. Her daughter is in danger. Kiki hands Samira her clothes. Samira wants to offer herself in place of her daughter. Monica (Leslie Charleson) tells Laura (Genie Francis) she hopes Tracy (Jane Elliott) does the right thing about the painting. Laura thinks Tracy has changed for the better over the years. Monica tells her not to hold her breathe. Laura leaves.

Tracy’s at home talking to Edward’s picture when Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) walks in. Tracy tells Dillon she’s not crazy. Dillon reassures Tracy he understands. He’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t give Samira the painting but he’ll get over it. Dillon leaves. A few minutes later Laura stops by. Laura tells Tracy that Samira is going to lose her daughter if she doesn’t get that painting. Tracy says not her problem. Laura wonders if Samira is her sister will she feel the same way.

The Immigration Officer shows Monica a picture of Samira in her house. He demands to know Samira’s location or he’ll arrest Monica. Kiki walks up and Monica explains who this man is and what he wants. Monica hands Kiki a patient chart and tells her to discharge that patient immediately. Kiki runs into Samira’s room and tells her they have to get her out of the hospital now. Kiki peeks out the door and sees Dillon. Kiki asks him to get scrubs, a mask and a wheelchair. Ned (Wally Kurth) exits the elevator as Kiki and Dillon wheel Samira to it. Ned hears the officer tells Monica she’s under arrest. Ned stops him and tells him there’s Samira. Monica asks Ned if he knows what he has done. Ned says yes he does.

Ava (Maura West) arrives to Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) to ask about preschool for Avery. Diane walks in and starts talking about Carly. Diane stops when she sees Ava. Ava leaves. Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) tells Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) she won’t be charged for aiding and abetting. Carly walks up and Diane tells that Sonny hired her first. Carly understands and asks Alexis to her lawyer. Diane leaves. Diane tells Sonny he signed over all his assets to Carly. Sonny says he’ll just ask Carly to give them back. Diane says Carly holds all the cards and unless she does hands them back, he may have to leave the country. Just like Jax.

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Alexis updates Carly, she’s waiting for her license to be renewed but recommends someone to her. Carly tells Alexis how Jax (Ingo Rademacher) can never return to US because of Sonny. Alexis leaves. Alexis arrives to Sam’s. Sam tells her about Jake and Jason. Sam says she’s going to Cassadine Island. Alexis tells Sam no way is she going back to that place. Ava walks in and asks Carly if they should toast to her divorce. Ava tells Carly she’s out of Avery’s life now. Carly tells Ava she’s doesn’t plan on being absent in Avery’s life.

Carly leaves and calls the lawyer that Alexis recommended. Carly tells the lawyer she needs a divorce and she wants everything.

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